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If you are looking for something specific and haven’t been able to find it, contact us directly. We’re here to help.

For specific queries, contact:
Catherine Parry, Director of Marketing and Creative Services,

For design related queries, contact:
Josh McInerney, Manager Design and Creative Services,

This website is constantly being updated with new information, so check back often.

Frequently Asked Questions

As you begin to apply the new brand guidelines to your communications material, you might have questions for us. From our visual toolkit to our messaging, there is a lot of information on this website. Here are a few frequently asked questions that might help provide background and guide your communications projects.

If you don’t see your question answered here, please contact us directly. We will respond within 48 hours.

Why have you developed a new brand strategy?

Each of us – as employees, faculty, staff and students – share a responsibility for telling the Ryerson story every day. Our brand strategy is the foundation for telling that story – it is what drives us, what differentiates us from others, and why we feel proud to be a part of Ryerson. If individually we tell a consistent story about who Ryerson is and what we stand for, we'll increase the impact of Ryerson as a whole.  The development of the new brand strategy was guided by the priorities in the new academic plan.

Why have you updated or refreshed the Ryerson University logo?

The current logo was created over 10 years ago. Since then, we have grown considerably and wanted a new logo that is more contemporary and bold in keeping with the essence of the university as a comprehensive, innovation leader. Visit the brand engagement site to find out more about the project.

Why have you developed a new look and messaging?

The brand is not just a logo. There are many elements that make up the brand including colour palette, typography, imagery, graphic elements, tone and manner and messaging. Having all of these strategically designed elements available in an online ‘tool-kit’ will help us on many fronts. When used consistently, this toolkit unifies our communications and distinguishes us from the competition, efficiently and effectively uses resources for maximum impact, quickly provides equity to new initiatives and instils a sense of professionalism and pride. 

What is a logo lock-up system?

The logo lock-up gives prominence to academic entities, such as faculties, schools and departments, while reinforcing their affiliation with Ryerson. Consistent application of campus logo lock-ups increases recognition of an individual faculty, school, program or department.

Why have you developed a logo lock-up system?

At Ryerson we communicate with many audiences. Our logo lock-up system enables us to determine the most meaningful way to connect with a particular audience through a flexible hierarchy. This tiered hierarchy configuration retains a consistent relationship with the Ryerson logo while permitting variable prominence for entities and sub-entities.

The logo lock-up system is one of many new tools to help the university and its various entities help achieve our collective goals. Currently our proliferation of logos lacks clarity and was designed from an internal perspective. This new system was designed to help our external audiences (future students, alumni, partners, donors, etc.) identify Ryerson and establish the relationship between the various entities and the university.

What should I do if my current logo does not match the new logo lock-up system?

There are many identities throughout the university and it will take time to update all of them. Please review the Brand Architecture page to help you understand where your entity fits into the larger system. This will help us determine whether you should update your logo or you should continue to use what you currently have.

What if I already have business cards, stationery and collateral pieces with my old logo?

We recommend that all areas use up any existing stationery and collateral. The new logo is a refreshed version of the previous logo, therefore they can live together for some time.

Have any communications gone out to the community to let them know about the initiative?

Yes, we’ve done our best to inform the community along the way. We’ve released two Ryerson Today stories, created a brand engagement website that includes updates for the project and presented the strategy and creative to faculty, departments and some student groups – that’s over 30 presentations!

Why isn’t the new logo seen on building signage or on merchandise?

The brand is being rolled out across campus in a phased approach. Signage and merchandise are more challenging to update and therefore will happen at some point into the rollout. Since the new logo is a refreshed version of the previous logo, therefore they can live together for some time. 

Are we still using “RU”?

Through our research we discovered that our audiences (internal and external) did not refer to Ryerson University as “RU”. Therefore we wanted to ensure that Ryerson University was used on all formal or external applications. However, RU has been embraced by many students and student groups. Therefore the RU can be used for informal purposes. Please refer to the Informal University Icon section in the visual toolkit for details.

Who should I contact if I have any questions?

Please send questions to We will respond to you within 48 hours. 

For specific queries on the project, contact:

Catherine Parry, Director of Marketing and Creative Services,