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Photography Style

Photography is the most effective tool to showcase the diverse, urban core in which we live.

Ryerson’s photography style has been developed with our brand platform in mind. It portrays a new age of confidence for the university via a more honest and authentic documentary-style approach.

Principles of the Photography Style

  • Candid and real
  • Focus on action
  • Context is king: use wide shots with a deep depth of field
  • Straight-on angles
  • Mix of portraits, city scenes and campus locations
  • Unfiltered, authentic colour and natural contrast

Photo Usage

When combining images in a single layout, using a mix of content and scales is most effective at communicating the breadth of work being done at Ryerson. Graphically, contrasting scales and content creates visual interest, helps to balance a layout and provides texture.


Photography Style Don'ts

In order to maintain a consistent brand message, it is important to avoid the following techniques in photography.

Photography Services

Marketing and Creative Services, in University Relations has compiled a list of external photographers. The photographers on this list have been divided into two sets of categories to highlight their specialty – although all are available to cover whatever your photography needs may be. You may deal directly with them and make arrangements for your shoot as well as handle all financial matters related to the job. The photographers on this list have negotiated and lowered their fees to accommodate our Ryerson clients. The quote will include any additional photography equipment (if required), and post-processing of images (colour correction, editing, etc.).

Ryerson Asset Bank

For marketing photography needs such as campaigns and other materials, you can request access to the Ryerson Asset Bank. For access and instructions on use, please contact Josh McInerney, Manager, Design and Creative Services, at

Photo Policy

Photography in the Ryerson Asset Bank is property of the university. These images are available under the condition that the photography supports the strategic promotion and marketing of the university and is for non-profit use.

Editorial / Campaign / High-profile portraits

Magazine, brochures, advertisements, environmental portraits, photojournalism, campus images

Events / Standard portraits

Major and minor university events, department celebrations, awards ceremonies, convocation, headshots, simple portraits

Consent Forms

For all subjects that appear in-focus in your photos, you must obtain written permission to use their likeness for promotional usage.

To download a consent form, go to:

Consent Form - General
Consent Form - Minors and Celebrities