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Department of Chemistry and Biology


Dr. Marthinus (Otini) Kroukamp


Dr. Otini Kroukamp

Postdoctoral Fellow (Wolfaardt lab)

B.Eng (University of Stellenbosch), MSc (University of Stellenbosch), PhD (Ryerson University)

Research Interests:

 Bacterial biofilm adaptation to changes in their environment (both biotic and abiotic interactions) and in turn how they alter their environment.  Current research areas include monitoring the metabolic activity of bacterial biofilms in response to various physical (shear, UV light, temperature) and chemical (antimicrobials, oxidative agents) exposures. Applications include the antimicrobial resistance in biofilms on both wet and dry surfaces, the microbially induced dissolution of toxic substances from sediments and the influence on deterioration of long term storage facilities.

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