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The Department of Chemistry and Biology at Ryerson University is pleased to host the 50th IDW 


November 3, 4 and 5, 2017. 


 The Conference Program is now available. 

See you Friday night for the mixer at Maple Leaf Gardens - 50 Carlton St


See you Saturday morning for the talks at the George Vari Engineering Building - 245 Church St


signs will be posted everywhere if you can find the street entrance

Message from Conference Chair



Bryan Koivisto conference chair

Dr. Bryan Koivisto

Dear Chemistry Community,

This year Chemistry in Canada is sharing a number of special anniversaries (in multiples of 50): Canada 150, Ontario 150, Canadian Society of Chemistry turned 100, and the IDW is having it's golden (50th) anniversary! While we were looking for themes for this milestone symposium, we noticed one other historical event that happened 50 years ago. The Toronto Maple Leafs last won the Stanley Cup in 1967. (I know many of you are groaning and our Quebec neighbours are about to gag!) 

However, Ryerson University now owns the historic Maple Leaf Gardens, and we wanted to share this little piece of history with you!  So as part of our theme, what better way to weave the great Canadian game and the IDW golden party together than to host a 50th anniversary commemorative hockey game for attendees (Friday night) who are interested in playing in this historic arena. Furthermore, for those of you who aren't players, you'll be able to enjoy the IDW mixer and laugh at those of us trying to play. Plus, we are also inviting local Undergraduate Chemistry Societies to participate in an evening recruitment fair and networking event - giving you lots of reasons to join us at this one!

In addition, building on Ryerson’s strong focus on applied industry partnerships and startup innovation we are also hosting (as a separate event but prequel to the IDW - Friday 2-8pm) a Chemistry Innovation Summit: Stimulating the start-up culture in chemistry

With amazing keynotes & wonderful student presentations over the weekend, it is needless to say, there are lots of moving parts on this one, and the website will be updated regularly until then, but we ask you'll register ASAP and join us for this milestone symposia that we hope will be special for you too!

We look forward to hosting you in Toronto in November!

On behalf of the 2017 Conference Organizing Team

Dr. Dan Foucher, Dr. Rob Gossage, Dr. Andy McWilliams, Dr. Stephen Wylie, Dr. Russ Viirre, Sahana Sritharan, Jeffrey Pau, Phillip Junor, Tamara Al-Faouri & Vanessa Bairos

Keynote Speakers

Dr. Ian Manners

Bristol University

BSc - University of Bristol

PhD - University of Bristol

PDF - University of Aachen & The Pennsylvania State University

Ian Manners is a Professor and Chair of Inorganic, Macromolecular and Materials Chemistry at the University of Bristol. Ian's research interests focus on the development of new synthetic approaches involving catalysis and self-assembly and their applications in molecular chemistry, polymer and materials science, and nanoscience. The research in the Manners' group focuses on the development of new synthetic approaches to functional molecules, polymers and materials.

Dr. Chris Orvig

University of British Columbia

BSc - McGill University

PhD - Massachusetts Institute of Technology

PDF - University of California & McMaster University

Chris Orvig is a Professor of Chemistry and Pharmaceutical Sciences and the Director of the Medicinal Inorganic Chemistry Group at The University of British Columbia. Dr. Orvig’s research focuses on medicinal inorganic chemistry and radiopharmaceutical chemistry. The Orvig research group focuses on the roles of metal ions in the etiology, diagnosis, and therapy of disease. The projects in the Orvig group embrace a variety of metal ions as well as numerous ligand systems and a wide panoply of techniques and collaborations.

Dr. Cathleen Crudden

Queen's University

BSc - University of Toronto

MSc - University of Toronto

PhD - University of Ottawa

PDF - University of Illinois

Cathleen Crudden is a professor in the Department of Chemistry at Queen’s University, whose research focuses on catalysis, chirality and materials chemistry. The Crudden research group is primarily interested in developing new reactions to prepare compounds of interest to the pharmaceutical industry, specifically reactions that are enantioselective or enantiospecific. However, research within the Crudden group extends in applications of synthesis, pharmaceuticals, bio-sensing, automotive materials, petrochemical and agrochemical industries.

Dr. Martin Albrecht

University of Bern 

BSc - University of Bern

PhD - Utrecht University

PDF - Yale University & Ciba SC


Martin Albrecht is a Professor of Chemistry at the University of Bern. The research in the Albrecht group focuses on Organometallic Synthesis and Catalysis. The general research areas in the Albrecht group primarily focuses on the relevance of carbenes in biochemical processes, development of new ligand design and new catalytic systems, and tailored electronic and magnetic materials.