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Department of Chemistry and Biology

        The last half-century has seen phenomenal advances in drug development to treat human disease, but many patients still remain in need of new therapies. Basic research in molecular and cellular biology elucidates how biological molecules function and interact. Moreover, this research reveals the mechanisms of human disease and as well as novel therapeutic targets. Biomedical advancements such as small molecule drugs, medical devices, biologics, and diagnostic tools are critical for advancing human health and well-being. 

        At Ryerson, we have many research programs that seek to understand the molecular basis of human diseases such as cystic fibrosis, cancer, diabetes, and infection as well as develop innovative treatment strategies to treat these conditions.

Biomedicine and Biomolecular Interactions

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                Dr. Costin Antonescu

                Dr. Roberto Botelho

                Dr. Imogen Coe

                Dr. Mario Estable

                Dr. Jeff Fillingham