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Department of Chemistry and Biology


Warren W. Wakarchuk


Dr. Warren W. Wakarchuk

Professor; Chair

BSc (University of British Columbia); MSc (University of British Columbia); PhD (University of British Columbia); PDF (Albert-Ludwigs Universität, Germany); PDF (University of British Columbia); Research Associate (National Research Council Canada)

Teaching Interests:

Glycobiology; glycosyltransferase structure and function, glycoside hydrolase structure and function.

Research Interests:

The structure and function of the enzymes involved in making and degrading various glycoconjugates; the effect of using glycosyltransferases to improve the serum half-life of protein therapeutics and with collaborators treating cells in order to get them to cross a glial scar to promote re-innervation after nerve damage; the role of protein glycosylation in bio-mass degrading Actinobacteria.

Office: KHN-208    

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