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Department of Chemistry and Biology

Makeup Final Examination Scheduling

Qualifications for a Makeup Final Examination:

It is mandatory, as a student, to contact your instructor(s) for any exams missed and request a final makeup examination. This will assist you as a student in being able to take advantage of writing any Chemistry or Biology exam that the Chemistry and Biology department is hosting for our student body.

It’s imperative to understand the following for any missed exams:

1.      ALWAYS email your professor as soon as you know you are to miss any final exams scheduled.

2.      PRINT Academic Consideration documents and take it to your physician.

3.      SUBMIT your documents within 3 business days of the missed exams onto the Academic Consideration portal here:

The instructors will confirm your attendance to the makeup exam.

The Chemistry and Biology Department will contact you once you have been confirmed to write, with the date, time and location of the makeup exam. All arrangements will be done according to the final examination scheduling policies.


Makeup Final Examination Scheduling Policies:

1.    All makeup final examinations will be scheduled during one of the designated makeup exam periods to avoid creating conflicts. (You need confirmation that you are writing)

2.    Final examination times published by the Office of the Registrar take precedence over makeup final examination times.