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Ryerson has a strong interest in maintaining the partnership and support of its various publics; its Governors, alumni, corporations, foundations, faculty, staff, students and friends, who share a common interest in Ryerson as a uniquely important educational institution.

Support from these publics has provided many millions of dollars in commitments which will serve to advance the quality of Ryerson educational experience. That investment is reflected in the quality of the graduates that enter Canadian industry and society.

This support ranges from cash donations to scientific equipment, computer hardware and software, works of art, vehicles, library books and journals, special event sponsorships, endowed and named items such as scholarships, awards, and facilities (classrooms, laboratories, buildings).

Gifts to Ryerson are made in many ways and over different time periods. Planned gifts, for example, can be made using instruments such as a single or group insurance policy, charitable annuity or a bequest included in a will.

You may identify a specific item for the allocation of your gift, or make an undesignated contribution to be used where the need is greatest. All gifts are tax deductible (tax credit).

For further information or assistance contact: Office of University Advancement. Mailing address is: Ryerson University, 350 Victoria Street, Toronto, Ontario, M5B 2K3. Tel: (416) 979-5197 Fax: (416) 979-5166.

For academic credentials listed in this calendar, awards have been abbreviated based on the practice of the awarding institution where such practice could be confirmed. Otherwise, awards have been printed in full or abbreviated based on the Commonwealth Universities Yearbook. The names of awarding institutions have been abbreviated in accordance with the Commonwealth Universities Yearbook.

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