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Ryerson Fellowships were awarded from 1979 to 1995 to individuals whose significant accomplishments exemplify the polytechnic ideal.

Ryerson Fellowships have been awarded to the persons named below for outstanding work in the fields indicated.

H. C. Abell (1983) International Development
Norman Z. Alcock (1990) Pioneering Peace Research in Canada
Doris H. Anderson (1987) Canadian Magazine Development
James M. Anderson (1994) Outstanding Achievements in the Field of Advertising in Canada
Kathleen Arpin (1995) Leadership in Canadian Nursing Education
R. Balakrishnan (1988) International Broadcasting
John Barnes (1984) Development of Broadcasting in Canada
Laura W. Barr (1989) The Visionary Leadership of the Nursing Profession
Nuala Beck (1995) Original Contribution to Canadian Business Analysis
The Honourable Monique Begin (1992) Public Policy in the Canadian Health Field
Thomas R. Berger (1986) Support of the North’s Indigenous Populations
Rosalie Bertell (1988) Environmental Health
R. D. Besse (1982) Business Development
Dr. Roberta Lynn Bondar (1990) Encouragement of Space Research in Canada
G. F. Brickenden (1979) International Broadcast Training
Margaret Eileen Brown (1986) Personnel Administration
Rosemary Brown (1990) Enlarging the Political Process for Women and Minorities
J. F. Bulloch (1981) Small Business Development
James R. Bullock (1991) Business Development and Management in Canada
June Callwood (1990) Journalism with a Social Conscience
D. K. Camp (1981) Journalism
Norman Campbell (1994) Enthusiastic Celebration and Preservation of Canada’s Heritage in Dance and Opera
Douglas J. Cardinal (1990) Creative Development of a Humane Built Environment
Shirley G. E. Carr (1987) Canadian and International Labour Movements
Margaret Y. Catley-Carlson (1986) International Development
Chien Wei Chang (1987) Higher Education and International Relations
D. A. Chisholm (1983) Development of Technology in Canada
Larry D. Clarke (1994) Outstanding Contributions to the Aerospace Industry in Canada
D. Cohen (1979) Public Education in Economic Affairs
Simon F. Cooper (1995) Exemplary Leadership in the Canadian Hospitality and Tourism Industry
David Crombie (1990) Public Life in Canada
Major-General Romeo Dallaire (1995) Exceptional Professionalism, Leadership and Altruism in Perilous Circumstances
Julie Davis (1995) Leadership in Shaping the Contemporary Labour Movement in Canada
Olive Patricia Dickason (1994) Outstanding Contributions as a Journalist, Scholar, and Community Leader
Garth Howard Drabinsky (1987) The Entertainment Industry
Remi J. De Roo (1987) Dedicated Community Service
Rev. A. N. Ellis (1982) Dedicated Community Service
Gordon Fairweather (1993) Leadership in the Advancement of Human Rights
M. I. Fletcher (1979) Early Childhood Education
A. L. Flood (1995) Contribution to Higher and Continuing Education
Nicholas J. Fodor (1984) Canadian Industrial Development
Ruth Hartman Frankel (1985) Voluntary Public Service
Ursula M. Franklin (1984) Elucidating Social Impact of Technology
Margot Franssen (1990) Successfully Combining Environmental and Business Objectives
Monique Frize (1993) Leadership in the Advancement of Women in Engineering
E. M. Fulton (1980) Education
H. F. Colin Graham (1985) Development of Post-Secondary Education in Ontario
D. Green (1979) Industrial Development
Roger Guindon (1985) Development of Post-Secondary and Bilingual Education in Ontario
C. Denis Hall (1988) Telecommunication Technology and Managing Research and Development
Robin S. Harris (1987) Higher Education
D. Harron (1980) Creative and Performing Arts
Wilson Head (1993) Advancing Social Justice and Racial Equality in Canadian Society
Lyman George Henderson (1986) The Graphics Industries and the Performing Arts
Nina Klowden Herman (1994) Exemplary Achievements on Behalf of Seniors
H. Holmested (1981) The Field of Aging
R. M. Homme (1982) Children’s Television
P. B. Hughes (1981) Engineering Education
John Hurlbut (1989) The Hospitality Fund
Gordon Ellis Inns (1987) Telecommunications and Support for Higher Education
Norman Frederick Jewison (1986) The Field of Motion Pictures
Rabbi J. Kelman (1984) Spiritual Leadership and Community Service
Geraldine Anne Kenney-Wallace (1988) Advancement of Science and Technology in Canada
Joy Kogawa (1991) Enhancing our Appreciation of Multiculturalism and the Japanese-Canadian Experience
Ferenc Kovacs (1991) Support of Engineering Education in an International Environment
Philip A. Lapp (1985) Engineering Profession in Canada
Jean Pierre Lefebvre (1987) Canadian Cinema
S. Lewis (1981) The Development of Public Policy
Lorne Kenneth Lodge (1986) Development of Computer Education in Canada
J. Stuart MacKay (1985) Private Broadcasting
Claudette MacKay-Lassonde (1989) The Engineering Profession and in Founding Women in Science and Engineering
J. D. MacFarlane (1981) Journalism
Alan R. Marchment (1992) Financial Leadership and Corporate Philanthrophy
E. Mirvish (1982) Cultural and Community Development
R. Moriyama (1980) Technology and Humanity of Architecture
Janice Moyer (1993) Leadership in the Canadian Information Technology Industry
Fiona Nelson (1991) Development of Educational Services in the City of Toronto
Christopher Newton (1995) Achievements in Enriching the Canadian Theatre
Margaret Norquay (1993) Leadership in Distance Education
E. T. O’Reilly (1983) Broadcasting
James L. Packham (1992) Developing Polytechnic Education at Ryerson
J. G. Parr (1980) Educational Innovation
William B. Pattison (1988) Hospitality and Tourism
Walter George Pitman (1985) Developing and Applying the Values of Lifelong Learning
E. G. Pleva (1983) Applied Geographic Education
Nancy Pocock (1989) Humanitarian Efforts on Behalf of Refugees
Anna Porter (1990) Canadian Publishing
Ross E. Pritchard (1995) Leadership in Science and Engineering Business Enterprise Development
William Ronald Reid (1985) Presentation and Preservation of Indian Art and Culture
Roderick G. Robbie (1995) Exemplary Achievements in Architectural Design
Ginette Rodger (1984) Promoting Role of Nursing in Health Policy Development
Donald A. Rumball (1990) Fostering Entrepreneurial Initiative
Marie Sanderson (1993) Expanding the Role of Women in Geographic Research and Education
Donald S. Scott (1992) Developing Engineering Education in Canada
Prof. Adel S. Sedra (1989) Engineering Education
John Sewell (1989) Enhancing the Quality of Life in Toronto
I. Sharp (1983) The Hospitality Industry
C. Richard Sharpe (1988) Retail Business Development
John L. Sharpe (1991) Promoting Standards of Excellence in the Hospitality Industry
Rose Sheinin (1993) Science and the Advancement of Women
J. J. Shepherd (1982) Technology and Business
Bill Siegel (1993) Tourism Research and Marketing
Glenda Simms (1993) Advancing Equality for Racial Minority and Aboriginal Women
G. Sinclair (1980) Applied Science and Business
Stuart Lyon Smith (1987) The Promotion of Science and Technology
Mellanie Anne Stephens (1987) Entrepreneurial Development
Mary Alice Stuart (1989) Educational and Cultural Broadcasting
Alfred Sung (1987) Apparel Design
D. T. Suzuki (1981) Science Broadcasting
K. R. Swinton (1979) Adult Education
George Mahood Thomson (1986) Developing Public Policy for the Welfare of Children
Jessie Watters (1985) Child Welfare
Herbert Whittaker (1988) Theatre Criticism
Sheelagh D. Whittaker (1992) Canadian Telecommunications
Lynn Williams (1984) Leadership in International Union Movement
Janet H. Willings (1991) Development of the Engineering Profession in Canada
Jos Wintermans (1993) The Integration of Innovative Business Theory and Practice
Eric Wright (1992) The Teaching and Practice of Literature at Ryerson
D. M. Wylie (1982) Promoting Excellence in Nursing Practice
He Zhi-qian (1992) Improving Nutrition in China
Moses Znaimer (1991) Innovative Television Programming and Delivery

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