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ENT 500 New Venture Startup
ENT 505 Small-Business Management
RTA 103* Digital Media Production I
RTA 210 Media History
RTA 310 Media Aesthetics and Culture
RTA 311 Production: Intermediate Audio
RTA 315 Business of Creative Media
RTA 901 Advertising
RTA 902 Social Media
RTA 904 Advanced Media Management
RTA 906 Marketing for Media Professionals
RTA 908 Business of Producing I
RTA 910 Production Management
RTA 913 Media Entrepreneurship
RTA 918 Ethics in Media
RTA 928 Gaming Theory and Practice
RTA 945 Writing for Factual and Reality Programs
RTA 952 Advanced Presentation and Field Production
RTA 957 Documentary Production
RTA 963 Web Design
RTA 969 Television Technical Producing
RTA 974 Radio Broadcasting
RTA 977 Current Affairs Production
RTA 978 Editing Specialty
RTA 985 Sound for Video Producers
RTA 986 International Development
RTA 988 International Media Storytelling
RTA 991 Sport Writing
RTA 992 Social and Interactive Media for Sports
RTA 993 Sport Graphics
RTA 994 Advanced Sport Media and Programming
RTA 996 Beyond the Radio Format
SOC 505 Sociology of Sport

*RTA 103 is available as a Table I choice for Fall 2014 admits only. Last offered in Table I 2017-2018.

RTA 311 has a course count of 2.00