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ENT 527

Studies in Entrepreneurship

This course will expose the student to many of the topics currently dominating the study of entrepreneurship. These may include theoretical perspectives on the economic and social function of entrepreneurs, psychological and cognitive aspects of entrepreneurs, the intersection of opportunities and enterprising individuals, the decision to exploit, the new venture creation process, and the relationship between entrepreneurship and strategic management. Students will be expected to read and critically analyze current and classic research on entrepreneurship, to synthesize diverse perspectives, and to contribute their own original thoughts to significant debates in the field. The course features a combination of seminars, presentations, readings, and lectures to enhance the student's understanding of entrepreneurship as an academic discipline, and develop an ability to apply this research to the practical managerial challenges of the entrepreneurial firm.
Weekly Contact: Lecture:3 hrs.
GPA Weight: 1.00
Course Count: 1.00
Billing Units: 1


ENT 526





Custom Requisites


Entrepreneurship and Strategy

  • ENT 100
    Applied Entrepreneurship
  • ENT 401
    Design Thinking Experience
  • ENT 500
    New Venture Startup
  • ENT 501
    Family Business in Canada
  • ENT 505
    Small-Business Management
  • ENT 511
    Funding New Ventures
  • ENT 526
    Entrepreneurial Behaviour and Strategy
  • ENT 527
    Studies in Entrepreneurship
  • ENT 555
    Managing Small and Medium Enterprises
  • ENT 56A/B
    Entrepreneurial Skills Development
  • ENT 570
    Entrepreneurial Self-Development Part I
  • ENT 577
    Entrepreneurial Selling
  • ENT 580
    Entrepreneur Self-Development Part II
  • ENT 601
    Identifying Opportunities
  • ENT 627
    Social Entrepreneurship and Changemaking
  • ENT 633
    Corporate Governance
  • ENT 725
    Management of Innovation
  • ENT 726
    Creating a Business Plan
  • ENT 727
    Applied Research in Entrepreneurship
  • ENT 78A/B
    Advanced Entrepreneurship