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HTA 708

Revenue Management for Hosp/Tourism

The discipline of Revenue Management in the hospitality and tourism industry has been developed to complement existing decision making activities. This course examines and illustrates the techniques of revenue management in the lodging, food and beverage and tourism sectors. Revenue management tactics and strategies will be broadened, developing the relationship between accurate forecasting and sound financial decision making. Students will be required to develop a functional lodging displacement analysis spreadsheet. A state of the art interactive computer simulation will be used to demonstrate revenue management techniques in a hotel or restaurant environment. Students will simulate the operation of a hotel or restaurant over an extended time period using revenue and cost techniques.
Weekly Contact: Lecture:3 hrs.
GPA Weight: 1.00
Course Count: 1.00
Billing Units: 1


HTM 402 and HTA 602





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Hospitality and Tourism Management

  • HTA 402
    Management Accounting for HTM
  • HTA 602
    Financial Management for Hosp/Tourism
  • HTA 708
    Revenue Management for Hosp/Tourism
  • HTD 500
    Concepts Design Feasibility
  • HTF 110
    Food Service Operation and Control
  • HTF 505
    Restaurants from Concept to Operations
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    Food and Beverage Operations
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    Service and Professionalism
  • HTH 501
    Advanced Service Management Systems
  • HTH 503
    Human Resources Administration
  • HTH 601
    Organizational Behaviour
  • HTH 700
    Professional Ethics in Hosp/Tourism
  • HTH 706
    Management Placement and Experience
  • HTH 895
    Hospitality/Tourism Work Experience
  • HTH 901
    Management Career Strategies
  • HTI 404
    Hospitality Information Systems
  • HTI 746
    Destination Management Systems
  • HTL 130
    Lodging Management Foundation
  • HTL 503
    Meeting and Convention Management
  • HTL 510
    Asset Management in Hospitality
  • HTL 701
    The Power of Branding in Hosp/Tourism
  • HTL 801
    Hospitality Strategic Management
  • HTM 302
    Marketing Principles
  • HTM 402
    Strategic Marketing Planning
  • HTM 604
    Hospitality and Tourism Sales
  • HTM 621
    Advertising and Promotion
  • HTR 741
    Hospitality and Tourism Research Concepts
  • HTR 841
    Research and Data Analysis
  • HTR 900
    Director's Special Project
  • HTT 150
    Tourism Demand, Supply and Distribution
  • HTT 501
    Casinos: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly
  • HTT 509
    Who makes the rules? Issues in tourism
  • HTT 510
    Sustainable Tourism: the Golden Goose?
  • HTT 600
    Special Topics in Hospitality/Tourism
  • HTT 605
    Business Aspects of Incentive Travel
  • HTT 607
    Event Management
  • HTT 610
    Business of Events and Entertainment
  • HTT 622
    Destination Management and Marketing
  • HTT 700
    Current Issues in Hospitality/Tourism
  • HTT 800
    Field Studies in Hospitality and Tourism