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INT 912

Community Development: International Field Experience

This course provides an opportunity for students to deepen their understanding of development issues, and to experience part of their learning in an interdisciplinary, international, and intercultural setting. Following a brief in-class orientation at Ryerson, the field experience part of the course is held overseas. Canadian students will work with students from the host country on specific projects relevant to community development in that country. The country and projects selected may vary from year to year.
Weekly Contact: Lecture:3 hrs.
GPA Weight: 1.00
Course Count: 1.00
Billing Units: 1







Custom Requisites


Interdisciplinary Studies

  • INT 555
    Special Topics in Interdisciplinary Studies
  • INT 900
    Program Planning and Evaluation Strategies
  • INT 901
    Gerontology: Critical Issues and Future Trends
  • INT 902
    Disability Issues
  • INT 904
    Health Promotion and Community Development
  • INT 905
    Conflict Resolution in Community Services
  • INT 906
    Sexuality: Power and Pleasure
  • INT 907
    Team Work for Community Services
  • INT 908
    Homelessness in Canadian Society
  • INT 910
    First Nations Issues
  • INT 911
    International Community Development
  • INT 912
    Community Development: International Field Experience
  • INT 913
    Issues of Migration
  • INT 914
    Settlement Experiences
  • INT 915
    Responses to Migration
  • INT 916
    Introduction to Fundraising
  • INT 917
    Interprof. Ed. for Community Development
  • INT 920
    Community Collaborations
  • INT 921
    Writing for Disability Activism
  • INT 922
    Intro to Aboriginal Worldviews
  • INT 923
    Canada's Story: An Aboriginal Perspective
  • INT 930
    Aging: From Cells to Society
  • INT 935
    Ethical/Legal Frameworks in Aging
  • INT 940
    Mobilizing Research for Change
  • INT 945
    Technology and Aging Populations
  • INT 950
    Practicum/Project in Gerontology