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SWP 924

Strategies for Addressing Conflict

Conflict is a natural and common phenomenon in social interaction. Depending on how conflict is dealt with, the results can be positive or negative. This course is designed to provide students with practical skills and specific strategies for dealing with conflict in a variety of social work contexts: between individuals and social systems, between family members, between groups, between co-workers, and between participants of the public policy development process. This course will help the student to identify when different types of strategies may be more effective and how to implement them. Students will participate in hands-on case studies and role plays. They will be given an opportunity to re-explore real life conflicts from their own experiences.
Weekly Contact: Lecture:3 hrs.
GPA Weight: 1.00
Course Count: 1.00
Billing Units: 1


All 3rd and 4th Semester Required Courses or Direct Entry


INT 905, INP 914



Custom Requisites


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Social Work

  • SWP 132
    Critical Social Work Foundations
  • SWP 201
    Preparing for Social Work Practice
  • SWP 301
    Decolonizing and Anti-Oppression Practice
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    Social Policy: Welfare and Programs
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    Social Work Practice Seminar
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    Critical Eq. and Movements of Resistance
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    Field Practicum
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    Social Work Research: Part I
  • SWP 638
    Social Work Research: Part II
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    Race and Ethnicity
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    Youth and Social Justice
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  • SWP 903
    Crisis Intervention
  • SWP 905
    Criticl. Appr. to Mental Health and Madness
  • SWP 906
    Gerontology: Social Policy and Soc Security
  • SWP 907
    Inequality, Oppression and Health
  • SWP 908
    Social Group Work
  • SWP 909
    Social Work and the Law: Children and Family
  • SWP 910
    Queer Theory and Identities
  • SWP 914
    Ethics and Values for Social Work
  • SWP 915
    Independent Study I
  • SWP 916
    Independent Study II
  • SWP 917
    Special Topics I
  • SWP 918
    Special Topics II
  • SWP 919
    Substance Use and Abuse
  • SWP 920
    Addressing Substance Use and Abuse
  • SWP 921
    Disability Issues Social Work Practice
  • SWP 923
    Family Violence
  • SWP 924
    Strategies for Addressing Conflict
  • SWP 925
    Strong Helpers' Teachings
  • SWP 926
    Critical Practice with Queer Populations
  • SWP 927
    Advocacy in Social Work
  • SWP 928
    International Social Work
  • SWP 929
    Working in Marginalized Communities
  • SWP 930
    Spirituality in the Helping Professions
  • SWP 931
    Human Rights for Social Workers
  • SWP 932
    Evaluating Social Work Practices
  • SWP 933
    Indigenous Health and Well Being
  • SWP 934
    Community Engagement Foundations
  • SWP 935
    Engaging Diverse Communities
  • SWP 936
    Community Engagement Practices
  • SWP 937
    Community Engagement Capstone
  • SWP 938
    Innovative Organizing in Precarious Times
  • SWP 939
    Art and Social Transformation
  • SWP 950
    Fat Studies and Fat Activism