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  • CAF 199 - Communication Skills
    All first year Accounting and Finance students will write a Writing Skills Test (WST). Students who pass the WST will receive a PASS in CAF 199 and therefore may enroll in the Lower Level Liberal Studies course of their choice (subject to availability). Students who do not pass the WST will be required to enroll in one of LNG 111, LNG 112, LNG 113, or LNG 121 as their first-year Lower Level Liberal studies course. LNG courses are designed to help students improve their English skills. These students will then have three additional opportunities to write and pass the WST. A PASS in CAF 199 is required to enroll in all third-year Accounting and Finance courses. This course is graded on a pass/fail basis.
    Weekly Contact: Lab: 0 hrs.
    GPA weight: 1.00
    Count: 1.00