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The Board of Governors is responsible for:

  • the governance of the University;
  • control of its property and revenues;
  • the conduct of its business and affairs, except for matters assigned by the Act to Senate;
  • powers specifically enumerated by the Ryerson University Act and the By-Laws of the University.

The Board’s implied powers include institutional strategic planning, risk management, and financial management of the University.

Ryerson University's 24-member Board of Governors comprises of:

  • the Chancellor
  • the President
  • nine people appointed by the provincial government
  • two people appointed by the Board
  • three alumni elected by the alumni
  • three faculty elected by the faculty
  • two administrative staff members elected by the staff
  • three student members elected by the students
Members of the Board of Governors
  Appointment Type
Fukakusa, Janice   Chancellor
Frazer, Mitch Chair Government Appointee
Lachemi, Mohamed   Ex-Officio, President & Vice-Chancellor
Bloomberg, Lawrence S.   Ex-Officio, Chancellor
Al Zaibak, Mohammad   Government Appointee 
Amleh, Lamya   Elected by Faculty
Cockwell, Jack   Government Appointee
Ellis, Catherine   Elected by Faculty
Gellman, Shira   Elected by Administrative Staff
Ien, Marci   Government Appointee
Bukari, Sarah   Elected by Administrative Staff
MacDonald, Chris   Elected by Faculty
Ullah, Obaid   Elected by Students
Mohamed, Nadir   Government Appointee
Faruqi, Salman   Elected by Students
Gosal, Savreen   Elected by Students
Paisley, Catherine   Elected by Alumni
Pathak, Geetu   Board Appointee
Herb, Hanan   Elected by Alumni
Staffieri, Tony Vice Chair Board Appointee
Traill, Rhiannon   Elected by Alumni
Staffieri, Tony   Board Appointee
Rodrigues, Meghan   Elected by Alumni
Sinha, Samir   Government Appointee

For more information, updates and Board Member biographies, please see: