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Student Records maintains the privacy, security and integrity of students' academic records.  


All students have one academic record at Ryerson*. It is the official record of:

  • all courses taken and grades earned at Ryerson (day school and through Continuing Education), and
  • credits granted (transfer, challenge, etc.)

Official Transcripts

Students are eligible to receive transcripts of their academic results or to have these results forwarded to third parties, such as educational institutions, professional associations and employers.

Students may request a Transcript online at via RAMSS. Select Request Official Transcript.

The cost per individual official transcript is $15 Canadian (subject to change) and is non-refundable. Accepted payment methods are Visa, MasterCard or American Express credit cards.

No transcript will be prepared without the required fee payment. Student Records is not responsible for transcripts lost or delayed in the mail.

Normal processing time for transcripts is as soon as possible within three (3) business days. However, processing time may be delayed during peak periods, up to five (5) business days. Students are encouraged to submit Transcript Requests well in advance of any deadlines for which the transcript is required.

All officially certified transcripts will be complete and unabridged. Partial transcripts will not be issued.

Documents pertaining to a student’s achievement at another institution, which may have been received by Ryerson, will not normally be released or redirected.

NOTE: Students who have an outstanding financial or other obligation to Ryerson University (e.g., have equipment, cage cards, and/or library books overdue; wireless NetReady cards or ResNet equipment owed to Computing and Communications Services, etc.) are not eligible to receive transcripts until the status of these items is cleared to the satisfaction of the University.

Unofficial Transcripts

Students can view their Unofficial Transcript via RAMSS at in their ‘My Academics’ section. This transcript provides the student with an unofficial record of their complete Ryerson academic history.

*Since September 1, 1984. Students who completed courses before 1984, please contact Student Records for assistance.

Personal Information Updates

It is essential that students keep Ryerson informed of any changes to their name, permanent home and/or mailing address, and phone number.

Name Changes

If a student legally changes their name, or their name is incorrect or incomplete in Ryerson's records, it is the student's responsibility to notify Ryerson as soon as possible.

The name on the Ryerson record is the name that will appear on the student's transcript and on their graduation document.

To change their name in Ryerson's records, students must submit the Personal Data Change Form, found online at the Forms for Students page , to Student Records (c/o the Office of the Registrar Client Services located in the ServiceHub in POD 150), along with supporting documentation in the form of:

  • Certificate of Birth,
  • Passport,
  • Certificate of Marriage or Divorce, or
  • Legal Name Change Certificate

Name changes cannot be submitted online through RAMSS or by Fax.

Address Update

Students are required to inform Ryerson of a change of address each time they move so that they can receive timely and important information that is mailed to them throughout the year. Students can confirm what address we have on file for them on RAMSS at .

Students can have up to two different addresses on file:

  1. Permanent Home address: This address could be out of the country or province, or anywhere in Ontario. All mail will be sent to the permanent home address if it is the only address on file.
  2. Mailing Address: This address is where the student lives during the school year. It should only be given when it differs from the permanent home address. Mail sent during the school year will be sent to the student's mailing address.

Students can change their address at any time. Detailed instructions are found on the RAMSS Support website.

Phone Number Changes

It is important for students to keep Ryerson informed of their current phone number(s), so that they do not miss information which may be of an urgent nature. Students can update their phone number(s), through the RAMSS Student Centre. Detailed instructions are found on the RAMSS Support website.

Official Confirmation Letters

From time to time, students require an Official Confirmation Letter from Ryerson for an external organization.

Typical requests include:

  • Confirmation of Graduation Status Letter that verifies that a student has officially graduated.
  • Eligibility to Graduate Letter that verifies that a student has met all of their graduation requirements for their program, although they have not yet officially graduated.
  • Jury Duty Letter
  • Proof of Enrolment Letter that verifies that a student is or was previously enrolled in a program.
  • Qualification Evaluation Council of Ontario (QECO), needed in the evaluation of teacher qualifications
  • Transfer Credit Equivalency Letter that identifies courses from other institutions that were used to grant credit toward a Ryerson program or certificate.

Some types of letters require extensive research and verification of information. Processing time varies depending on the type of letter requested.

Students can use the "Request A Letter" service through RAMSS at

Award Document Reissue/Copies

A graduation award document is an official university-issued document. As such, only one original award document may exist and it must reflect the student's true and correct personal legal/official name.

All reissued award documents will be produced using current Ryerson University graphics, printing standards and signatures. Graduates from Ryerson Polytechnic University, Ryerson Polytechnical Institute or Ryerson Institute of Technology will also have their graduation award document reissued under the name of Ryerson University.

Application form for Graduation Award Document Reissue is available on-line in the Forms for Students page .


A replacement award document is requested when the original award document (degree/diploma/certificate) is lost, damaged, destroyed or stolen. A replacement is also requested if the graduate has had a legal/official name change since the time they graduated.

To be eligible to receive a replacement document, graduates must submit their original award document. If the original award document is no longer in their possession, graduates must complete and submit a Ryerson University Statutory Declaration confirming that this is a true representation of the facts.

If the request is due to a legal name change ,graduates must submit proper documentation to substantiate the name change.

A replacement document is regarded as an original award document. The document will indicate the original conferral date and the replacement reissue date with the statement: "issued to replace original".  

DUPLICATE DOCUMENT A duplicate award document is requested when the graduate wishes/needs to have a copy of the original award document produced. The award document will indicate the original conferred date and the duplicate reissued date with the statement: "duplicate".  

An amended document is requested to reflect the new program title of the program from which you graduated (example, you graduated with a Bachelor of Applied Arts that has since changed to a Bachelor of Arts).

An amended document request to reissue the award document under the name of Ryerson University (Applies to all alumni who graduated from Ryerson Institute of Technology, Ryerson Polytechnical Institute or Ryerson Polytechnic University).

An amended award document is regarded as an original award document which will reflect the updated degree designation and/or program name. An amended award document will only be reissued if eligibility requirements are met. It will indicate the original conferred date and the amended reissued date with the statement: "issued to replace original".

CERTIFIED COPIES To obtain certified photocopies of an award document, the graduate must make photocopies of their original award document and bring the copies they wish to have certified, with their original document, to ServiceHub (POD 150). There is a $20.00 fee (subject to change) for each certified copy requested. This service is available in-person only.
Degree Verification Service

The Degree Verification Service confirms graduation status for Ryerson Alumni.

website: Ryerson University Degree Verification Service

This online service relies on information available in our Student Administration System. There are students whose degree information may not be available in electronic format. This includes, but is not necessarily limited to, students who graduated before 1984.