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Courses are offered in alternate years. Contact The School of Creative Industries for scheduling information.

CRI 410 Beggars, Choosers: C.I. Advocacy
CRI 420 From Writer to Reader
CRI 430 Canadian Media Entertainment Industries
CRI 450 Appreciating Creativity in Practice
CRI 500 Project Management
CRI 510 Art and Business of Gaming
CRI 520 Design Management
CRI 530 Talent Management
CRI 540 Marketing the Creative Industries
CRI 550 The Book in Canada
CRI 560 Topics in Creative Industries
CRI 570 Creative Industries: International Lab
CRI 620 Concert and Festival Management
CRI 630 Advertising Theory and Practice
CRI 670 Music and Brands
CRI 680 Celebrity
CRI 720 Media Regulation and Communication Policy
CRI 730 Strategic Leadership in Cr. Industries
CRI 740 The Creative Negotiation
CRI 750 Emerging Technologies in Cyberspace
CRI 760 Diversity in Creative Industries
CRI 770 Trendwatching
CRI 780 Your Creative Self
CRI 815 Design Solutions Supercourse I
CRI 820 Global Licensing/Distribution Agreements
CRI 825 Design Solutions Supercourse II
CRI 830 Youth Cultural Production
CRI 840 Management of Soft Innovation
CRI 850 Directed Reading Course
CRI 860 The Big Night
EID 100 Digital Skills: Int'l Innovation
FCD 222 Coding for Creatives (FCAD Elective)
FCD 240 History of Art and Design: Global Survey
FCD 551 Digital Media and Network Cultures (FCAD Elective)
FCD 580 Project in Creative Technology
FCD 816 Global Campus Studio Supercourse I
FCD 820 Global Campus Studio Supercourse II
FCD 962 Interaction Design (FCAD Elective)