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Students are required to complete a total of five (5) courses.

CHE 414 Rate Processes in Chemical Engineering
CHE 420 Particulate Engineering
CHE 422 Biochemical Engineering
CHE 425 Process and Engineering Optimization
CHE 426 Transport Phenomena
CHE 427 Fluidization Engineering
CHE 462 Computer Process Control
CHE 615 Air Pollution and Control
CHE 616 Water and Wastewater Treatment
CHE 618 Solid Waste Treatment
CHE 404 Enhanced Oil Recovery
CHE 424 Food Process Engineering
CHE 471 Thesis/Research and Design Project
CHE 473 Sustainable Energy Technologies
CHE 474 Nanotechnology and Its Applications
CHE 714 Pharmaceutical Technology and Processing
CHE 715 Membrane Technology
CHE 451 Plastics Technology
CHE 454 Polymer Science