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COE 528 Object Oriented Eng Analysis and Design
COE 718 Embedded Systems Design
COE 768 Computer Networks
ELE 707 Sensors and Measurements
ELE 714 System Testing and Design-for-Testability
ELE 719 Fundamentals of Robotics
ELE 724 CMOS Mixed-Mode Circuits and Systems
ELE 734 Low Power Digital Integrated Circuits
ELE 745 Digital Communication Systems
ELE 746 Power Systems Analysis
ELE 747 Advanced Electric Drives
ELE 754 Power Electronics
ELE 792 Digital Signal Processing
ELE 809 Digital Control System Design
ELE 829 System Models and Identification
ELE 882 Intro to Digital Image Processing

COE 608 Computer Organization and Architecture
COE 628 Operating Systems
COE 838 Systems-on-Chip Design
COE 865 Advanced Computer Networks
ELE 709 Real-Time Computer Control Systems
ELE 725 Basics of Multimedia Systems
ELE 801 Electric Vehicles
ELE 804 Radio-Frequency Circuits and Systems
ELE 806 Alternative Energy Systems
ELE 815 Wireless Communications
ELE 819 Control of Robotic Manipulators
ELE 846 Power Systems Protection and Control
ELE 861 Microwave Engineering
ELE 863 VLSI Circuits for Data Communications
ELE 884 Photonics
ELE 885 Optical Communication Systems
ELE 888 Intelligent Systems