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BME 674

Biomedical Instrumentation

This course deals with the application and design of medical instrumentation systems for which the source of the signals is living tissue or energy applied to living tissues. The major emphasis will be on, transduction principles, sensors, detectors, electronic signal conditioning and processing techniques, and electrical safety standards for medical instrumentation. Some of the major topics include: sensors and transducers - e.g. displacement, resistive, inductive, capacitive, piezoelectric, temperature, radiation thermometry, optical etc.; special-purpose amplification and signal processing techniques; ECG-EMG-EEG biopotential electrodes and amplifiers; non-invasive blood pressure, flow-rate and volume sensing and measurement techniques; respiratory plethysmography; electrochemical biosensors and laboratory instruments; medical imaging systems; and designs for electrical safety. Important instrumentation design concepts are illustrated through design labs, a final design project, and use of circuit simulation tools.
Weekly Contact: Lab:2 hrs. Lecture:3 hrs.
GPA Weight: 1.00
Course Count: 1.00
Billing Units: 1


BLG 601 and BME 532 and BME 538 and BLG 701 and BME 506 and CEN 199





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Biomedical Engineering