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Plant Design

Chemical engineering design of industrially relevant process plants by student groups under the supervision of the course instructors; intensive application of the core disciplines such as thermodynamics, chemical reactor engineering, fluid mechanics, heat transfer, mass transfer, process modeling and simulation, process control, and optimization; inclusion of the principles of process safety, loss prevention, engineering economics, cost analysis, and prudent environmental practices; adherence to environmental-friendly process design, and conformation to environmental regulations and policies; utilization of relevant engineering software; preparation of written project reports, and formal public delivery of oral presentations at different stages; individual and group evaluation of students who are expected to exhibit the cooperative, ethical, and discipline traits of an effective Professional Engineer.

Weekly Contact: Lab:3 hrs. Lecture:1 hr.
GPA Weight: 2.00
Billing Units: 1/1


CHE 617




CHE 413 and CHE 415

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Chemical Engineering