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EIE 501

Practicum III: Bus Dev and Mkt Readiness

Practicum III is the 3rd and final phase of three-stage process the EIE students will go through to develop their entrepreneurial skills and leadership in new venture creation. Students will build on the knowledge accumulated in the previous phases in order to analyse potential business models, select a business start-up strategy, complete a full business plan and formulate tactical go-to-market approaches. The expectation is that the business is either ready to enter the market and raise funds, or the venture is pivoted to pursue more promising market opportunity. At the conclusion of this phase, the student goes through a Market Readiness Review and is evaluated on their ability to convince investors to invest in their new venture.
Weekly Contact: Lab:4 hrs. Lecture:1 hr.
GPA Weight: 1.00
Course Count: 1.00
Billing Units: 1


ECN 801, EMS 201, EIE 201, EIE 301 and EIE 401





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Engineering Innovation and Entrepreneurship

  • EIE 201
    Start-up of Technology Ventures
  • EIE 301
    Practicum I: New Venture Identification
  • EIE 401
    Practicum II: Market and Tech Development
  • EIE 501
    Practicum III: Bus Dev and Mkt Readiness