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EUS 550

Sustainable Cities: Politics and Equity

This course introduces divergent definitions of the concept of sustainability and examines who gets to decide what is sustainable. It investigates how cities are achieving various components of urban sustainability. Emphasis is placed on politics and decision-making, and how risks, benefits and "rights" are distributed across society. Using environmental justice and social equity lenses, the course examines how demographic change, poverty and wealth influence the types of strategies cities adopt and who benefits.
Weekly Contact: Lecture:3 hrs.
GPA Weight: 1.00
Course Count: 1.00
Billing Units: 1







Custom Requisites


Environment and Urban Sustainability

  • EUS 102
    Environment and Sustainability
  • EUS 180
    Global Water Issues
  • EUS 202
    Sustaining the City's Environments
  • EUS 301
    Reading Neighbourhood Environments
  • EUS 401
    Patterns of Demography and Environment
  • EUS 402
    Research and Statistics
  • EUS 450
    Responses to Climate Change
  • EUS 501
    Ecological Processes in the Cdn Landscape
  • EUS 550
    Sustainable Cities: Politics and Equity
  • EUS 601
    Nature in Fragments
  • EUS 650
    Waste and Waste Management
  • EUS 701
    Field Studies in Urban Ecology
  • EUS 750
    Energy and Transportation Transitions
  • EUS 760
    Cities at Risk
  • EUS 801
    Senior Projects in EUS
  • EUS 850
    Sustainability in Organizations
  • EUS 860
    Measuring Sustainability
  • EUS 870
    Ecological Restoration
  • EUS 880
    Field Studies
  • EUS 900
    EUS Internship Placement I
  • EUS 901
    EUS Internship Placement II