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EUS 801

Senior Projects in EUS

The principal goal of this course is to help provide synthesis and maturity of perspective for the appropriate on-the-job application of the wide range of theory, models, methods, skills and approaches to which fourth year students have been exposed. The course places students in a consulting project which stresses the importance of organization, cooperation, teamwork, efficient research and report writing. Students will work as a group of "consultants" who jointly undertake secondary and primary environmental policy research and report preparation on behalf of a "client" in a non-academic context.
Weekly Contact: Lab:1 hr. Lecture:2 hrs.
GPA Weight: 1.00
Course Count: 1.00
Billing Units: 1


EUS 501 and EUS 701





Custom Requisites


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*List may not include courses that are on a common table shared between programs.

Environment and Urban Sustainability

  • EUS 102
    Environment and Sustainability
  • EUS 180
    Global Water Issues
  • EUS 202
    Sustaining the City's Environments
  • EUS 301
    Reading Neighbourhood Environments
  • EUS 401
    Patterns of Demography and Environment
  • EUS 402
    Research and Statistics
  • EUS 450
    Responses to Climate Change
  • EUS 501
    Ecological Processes in the Cdn Landscape
  • EUS 550
    Sustainable Cities: Politics and Equity
  • EUS 601
    Nature in Fragments
  • EUS 650
    Waste and Waste Management
  • EUS 701
    Field Studies in Urban Ecology
  • EUS 750
    Energy and Transportation Transitions
  • EUS 760
    Cities at Risk
  • EUS 801
    Senior Projects in EUS
  • EUS 850
    Sustainability in Organizations
  • EUS 860
    Measuring Sustainability
  • EUS 870
    Ecological Restoration
  • EUS 880
    Field Studies
  • EUS 900
    EUS Internship Placement I
  • EUS 901
    EUS Internship Placement II