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FNR 100

Introduction to Research and Statistics

This course will provide students with an introductory understanding of the research process and the relationship between research and professional practice. Using a range of techniques the course will critically examine the role of research in generating and perpetuating ideas, theories and beliefs. The course will introduce students to a range of research strategies and cover the fundamentals of descriptive and inferential statistical analysis with a focus on food, nutrition and family applications.
Weekly Contact: Lecture:3 hrs.
GPA Weight: 1.00
Course Count: 1.00
Billing Units: 1


FNP 100





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Nutrition and Food

  • FND 100
    Food Science I
  • FND 300
    Food Science II
  • FND 301
    Product Development
  • FND 401
    Social and Cultural Dimensions of Food
  • FNN 100
    Nutrition and Health
  • FNN 111
    Introduction to Nutrition
  • FNN 200
    Nutrition and Metabolism
  • FNN 201
    Nutrition Through the Lifespan
  • FNN 202
    Public Health Nutrition
  • FNN 301
    Intro to Nutrition Management of Human Disease
  • FNN 302
    Advanced Nutrition and Metabolism
  • FNN 400
    Advanced Nutrition and Health
  • FNN 401
    Advanced Nutrition Management of Human Disease
  • FNN 403
    Advanced Nutritional Science
  • FNP 100
    Introduction to Professional Practice
  • FNP 250
    Markets, Food Systems/Food Policy
  • FNP 300
    Nutrition Communication: Theory/Practice
  • FNP 350
    Interpersonal Comm/Counselling Nutrition
  • FNP 400
    Interprofessional Placement
  • FNP 500
    Advanced Issues in Nutrition
  • FNP 550
    Introduction to Dietetics Practice
  • FNR 100
    Introduction to Research and Statistics
  • FNR 201
    Research Methods and Statistics
  • FNR 310
    Senior Quantitative Research Project
  • FNR 320
    Foundations of Qualitative Research
  • FNR 400
    Independent Research Study I
  • FNR 401
    Independent Research Study II
  • FNS 200
    Quantity Food Management
  • FNS 250
    Introduction to Food Systems
  • FNS 400
    Food Service Systems Management
  • FNU 100
    Canadian Cuisine: Historical Roots
  • FNU 101
    Food Practices and Policy