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RMG 914

Sector Studies

Each year this course will take an in-depth look at one specific sector in the retail industry. Students may select to study in up to 2 sectors such as grocery, fashion, pop-up retailing, luxury, health and wellness and shopping centres, to apply to their degree program. Looking at the Canadian retail market within a particular sector, within an international context of best practices, the course will examine performance of individual companies and the overall sector, as well as dominant issues that are unique to the sector. Integration of learning from the consumer, supply chain and operational perspectives will be emphasized.
Weekly Contact: Lecture:3 hrs.
GPA Weight: 1.00
Course Count: 1.00
Billing Units: 1


RMG 200





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*List may not include courses that are on a common table shared between programs.

Retail Management

  • RMG 100
    Issues and Innovations in Retailing I
  • RMG 101
    Academic and Career Preparation
  • RMG 200
    Intro to Retail and Services Management
  • RMG 300
    Retail Information Management
  • RMG 301
    Retail Operations Management
  • RMG 302
    Retail Consumer Insight
  • RMG 303
    Managing the Retail Workplace
  • RMG 400
    Merchandise Buying and Planning I
  • RMG 434
    Intro to Logistics and Supply Chain Mgmt
  • RMG 452
    Visual Merchandising and Space Planning
  • RMG 500
    Retail Strategy
  • RMG 700
    Applied Retail Research
  • RMG 799
    Internship Placement and Prep
  • RMG 800
    Special Topics in Retailing
  • RMG 801
    Retail Career Strategies
  • RMG 806
    Retailer Perspectives on Category Management
  • RMG 817
    Digital Advertising in Retailing
  • RMG 821
    Research and Analytics in Social Media
  • RMG 902
  • RMG 905
    Design, Commerce and Culture
  • RMG 906
    International Retail Markets
  • RMG 907
    Relationship Marketing
  • RMG 908
    Issues and Innovations in Retailing II
  • RMG 909
    Merchandise Buying and Planning II
  • RMG 910
    Omni-Channel Retailing
  • RMG 911
    Retail Sales Management
  • RMG 912
    Sustainability and Social Change
  • RMG 913
    Retail Private Label
  • RMG 914
    Sector Studies
  • RMG 916
    Managing B2B Channels
  • RMG 917
    Experiential Learning - International Study
  • RMG 918
    Retail IT - Case Study of Best Practices
  • RMG 919
    Visualizing Data for Decisions
  • RMG 920
    Retail Industry Spotlight
  • RMG 922
    Retailing 2.0: Social Media Marketing
  • RMG 925
    Leading in Retail Organizations