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SPN 101

Introductory Spanish I

This course for students with no knowledge of Spanish uses a communicative approach, emphasizing oral comprehension and expression without omitting the written aspects of Spanish. Students learn basics of grammar. Historical, social and cultural aspects of the Spanish-speaking world are introduced through the study of short readings. Not open to students who have completed Gr. 12 or OAC Spanish.
Weekly Contact: Lecture:3 hrs.
GPA Weight: 1.00
Course Count: 1.00
Billing Units: 1
Liberal Studies: LL


Placement test required (





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  • SPN 101
    Introductory Spanish I
  • SPN 201
    Introductory Spanish II
  • SPN 301
    Intermediate Spanish I
  • SPN 302
    Spanish for the Tourism Industry
  • SPN 401
    Intermediate Spanish II
  • SPN 402
    Spanish Conversation and Pronunciation
  • SPN 501
    Advanced Spanish I
  • SPN 503
    Gender and Religion in Early Modern Spain
  • SPN 507
    English-Spanish Translation I
  • SPN 510
    Spanish for Native Speakers
  • SPN 515
    Introduction to Business Spanish
  • SPN 601
    Advanced Spanish II
  • SPN 607
    English-Spanish Translation II
  • SPN 610
    Spanish Composition for Native Speakers
  • SPN 702
    Communication in Business Spanish
  • SPN 704
    Latin American Culture I
  • SPN 705
    The Boom in Latin American Literature
  • SPN 707
    Spanish-English Translation
  • SPN 708
    Contemporary Spanish Fiction
  • SPN 710
    History of the Spanish Language
  • SPN 802
    Spanish for Business Strategies
  • SPN 803
    Latin American Short Story
  • SPN 804
    Latin American Culture II
  • SPN 805
    Spanish Language Teaching Methodologies
  • SPN 810
    Cultural Context of Writing
  • SPN 900
    Senior Spanish Seminar