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Dance Pedagogy: Children

This course combines the theory and practice of teaching classical dance and provides students with an overview of the material required to teach children aged 4 to 12. Students will explore the fundamentals, objectives and chronological development of ballet technique, free movement and character dance, employing elements of the internationally recognized Royal Academy of Dance Graded syllabi from Pre-Primary to Grade V as a basis of reference. Focus will be placed on class construction, the formulation of lesson plans for the various levels and on developing the creative potential of the child. Other elements covered include methods of assessing the child's individual physical stages of development, giving corrections - both general and individual, fostering the child's conceptual learning through the use of imagery, encouraging a sense of movement, dance quality and musicality, choosing appropriate music to bring out the rhythm and dynamics of exercises and evaluating the child's individual progress.

Weekly Contact: Lab: 3 hrs.
GPA Weight: 2.00
Course Count: 2.00
Billing Units: 1/1


THD 201





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