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ECN 250 Computing for Economics
ECN 321 Introduction to Law and Economics
ECN 501 Industrial Organization
ECN 502 Economics of Energy and Natural Resources
ECN 506 Money and Banking
ECN 510 Environmental Economics
ECN 601 Economics of Information
ECN 605 Labour Economics
ECN 610 The History of Economic Thought
ECN 614 An Introduction to Game Theory
ECN 630 Economic History
ECN 640 Economics of Immigration
ECN 703 Public Sector Economics
ECN 710 Transportation Economics
ECN 715 Advanced Microeconomics
ECN 721 International Financial Markets
ECN 723* Applied Research Methods
ECN 724 Advanced Econometrics
ECN 725 Financial Econometrics
ECN 726 Economics of Developing Countries
ECN 729 Sports Economics
ECN 803 Canadian Tax Policy
ECN 807 Economics of International Trade II
ECN 808 Economic Growth and Technological Change
ECN 815 Advanced Macroeconomics
ECN 820 Thesis
ECN 821 Country Risk Analysis

* Available as a Professional Table II course for students admitted Fall 2017 and after.