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A Concentration is a Senate-approved curricular element that provides students the opportunity to develop in-depth knowledge representing a sub-specialization or emphasis within the core of a degree program or major. Courses for a Concentration are selected from the core elective courses offered to students within their degree program or major. Concentrations are optional.

The Concentration is approved by Senate, as per the requirements for a Category 3 Minor Modification outlined in the Procedures section of Senate Policy 127: Curriculum Modifications: Graduate and Undergraduate Programs.

For more information see PDF fileSenate Policy 2, opens in new window, Section 7.1 Concentration 

Policy Elements

  1. A Concentration curriculum consists of at least six, specified/prescribed one- term degree-level core elective courses offered to students within their degree program or major.
  2. Core required courses of the degree program or major may not be included in the course count/defined structure of a Concentration.
  3. The completion of a Concentration cannot be made mandatory.
  4. Earning one Concentration will not increase the number of courses required to graduate.
  5. Where it is possible, a student may complete more than one Concentration; however, no individual course can be applied to satisfy the requirements of more than one Concentration.
  6. Course substitutions are not permitted.
  7. Completion of a Concentration is subject to availability of courses.
  8. Completion of the degree, with the addition of more than one Concentration, may require the completion of extra courses. Additional fees may also be incurred.
  9. Students must complete all courses in a Concentration prior to graduation from their program of studies.
  10. Restrictions [e.g., grade variations on individual courses; a minimum Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) requirement for completion of the Concentration] are not permitted.
  11. Any course used to satisfy a requirement of a Concentration cannot also be used to satisfy a requirement of a Minor.
  12. Students must declare a Concentration(s) at a time specified by their program.
  13. Completion of a Concentration is noted on the academic transcript, but not on the award document.

Alphabetical List of Programs With Concentrations