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Undergraduate Courses

Accounting (ACC, AFA)
Aerospace (AER)
American Sign Langugage (ASL)
Anthropology (ANT)
Arabic (ARB)
Architectural Science (ARC, ASC)
Arts and Contemporary Studies (ACS)
Biochemistry (BCH)
Biology (BLG)
Biomedical Engineering (BME)
Biomedical Science (BMS)
Building Science (BSC)
Business (BUS)
Business Essentials (BSM)
Caribbean Studies (CRB)
Chemical Engineering (CHE)
Chemistry (CHY)
Child and Youth Care (CYC)
Chinese (CHN)
Chinese Studies (CHS)
Civil Engineering (CVL)
Combined Media (MPC)
Common Engineering (CEN)
Communication (CMN)
Communication and Design (FCD)
Computer Engineering (COE)
Computer Science (CPS)
Creative Industries (CRI)
Criminology (CRM)
Digital Entrepreneurship and Innovation (EID)
Disability Studies (DST)
Early Childhood Studies (CLD)
Economics (ECN)
Education - ZONE (EDZ)
Electrical Engineering (EES, ELE)
Engineering Innovation and Entrepreneurship (EIE)
Engineering Management Science (EMS)
English (ENG)
Entrepreneurship and Strategy (ENT)
Environmental Health (ENH)
Environment and Urban Sustainability (EUS)
Family Studies (FNF)
Fashion - Design Leadership (FDL)
Fashion (FFC, FFD, FSN)
Fashion - Fashion Studies (FFS)
Fashion - Material and Fabrication (FMF) 
Film Studies (MPF)
Finance (AFF, FIN)
Food Security (FNY)
Foundations of Management (FMG)
French (FRE)
French Studies (FRS)
Geography (GEO)
Gerontology (GER)
Global Management Studies (GMS)
Graphic Communication (GCM)
Greek (GRK)
Haudenosaunee (HAU)
Health Information Management (HIM)
Health Services Management (HSM)
History (HIS, HST)
Hospitality and Tourism Management (HTA, HTD, HTF, HTH, HTI, HTM, HTR, HTT)
Human Resources (MHR)
Industrial Engineering (IND)
Information Technology Management (ITM)
Interactive Media Arts (MPI)
Interdisciplinary Studies (INT)
Interior Design (IDE, IDF, IRC, IRD, IRH, IRL, IRN, IRP, IRT)
Journalism (JRN, NNS)
Language (LNG)
Language and Intercultural Relations (LIR)
Latin (LAT)
Law (LAW)
Marketing (MKT)
Mathematics (MTH)
Mechanical Engineering (MEC, MTL)
Media (RTA)
Media Studies (FPN, NPF)
Midwifery (MWF)
Mohawk (MHK)
Music (MUS)
Nonprofit (INP)
Nursing (NCL, NSE, NUC, NUR)
Nutrition and Food (FND, FNN, FNP, FNS, FNU)
Occupational Health (OHS)
Pathotherapeutics (PAT)
Philosophy (PHL)
Photography (MPS)
Physics (PCS)
Physiology (PLN)
Planning (PLE, PLG, PLX)
Politics and Public Administration (POG, POL, PPA)
Professional Practice - Nursing (PPN)
Project Management (PMT)
Professional Music (BPM)
Psychology (PSY)
Public Health (PUB)
Public Health and Occupational Health (POH)
Quantitative Methods (QMS)
Real Estate Management (REM)
Religious Studies (REL)
Retail Management (RMG)
Science (SCI)
Semiotics (SEM)
Social Science and Humanities (SSH)
Social Work (SWP)
Sociology (SOC)
Spanish (SPN)
Spanish Studies (SPS)
Technology Studies (TEC)
Work Term (WKT)
Writing Skills (CAF)
Zone (ZON)

Please refer to the glossary for the definitions of various types of requisites.