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Nursing Practice III

Building on knowledge and skills developed in NSE 22A/B, this clinical practice course provides students with an opportunity to develop experience working with clients in a variety of community-oriented settings. Using a theoretical approach that is relevant to the practice setting, students will collaborate with individuals, families, groups, and communities to ensure creative, caring, flexible, culturally sensitive nursing practice. Opportunities to develop skill in health promotion strategies, community based assessment and program planning and evaluation will be encouraged. There will be an emphasis on the critical use of research findings to guide practice as well as a continued emphasis on self reflection. Students will work independently in clinical settings with agency personnel and a faculty advisor.

Weekly Contact: Lab: 14 hrs. Lecture: 1 hr.
GPA Weight: 2.00
Course Count: 2.00
Billing Units: 2


NSE 21A/B, NSE 22A/B, PAT 20A/B, and NUR 80A/B





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