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Minor in Criminology

The Minor in Criminology provides students with critical thinking skills and substantive knowledge related to the structural, administrative, political and professional context of crime and criminal justice.

Understanding the complexity and pervasiveness of criminal justice issues in various fields will provide greater depth and breadth to students' program of study and broaden their career preparation.

Administered by: Department of Criminology

Exclusions: This minor is not available to students in the following programs:

To receive this Minor, students must complete six (6) courses from the following curriculum:

Required courses (3):

CRM 100 Introduction to Canadian Criminal Justice
CRM 102 Introduction to Criminology
CRM 101 Understanding Crime in Canadian Society
CRM 400 Indigenous Governance/Justice
POG 440 Indigenous Governance/Justice

Plus three (3) of the following:

CRM 200 Criminal Law
CRM 202 Victims and the Criminal Process
CRM 205 Gender, Sexuality and the Law
CRM 206 Race, Ethnicity and Justice
CRM 250 Criminalizing Blackness
CRM 300 Policing in Canada
CRM 304 Youth Justice in Canada
CRM 306 Corrections in Canada
CRM 308 Criminal Courts in Canada
CRM 316 International Perspectives
CRM 322 Ethics in Criminal Justice
CRM 335 History and Politics of Abolition
CRM 402 Criminal Justice and Social Inequality
CRM 515 Gendering Justice
CRM 601 Violence in Society

Please see PDF fileSenate Policy 2, Section 7.4 for further information about Minors.