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Minor in Cyber Studies

The Cyber Studies Minor provide students with the ability to see – and communicate – how technology influences, and is influenced by, human behaviour, legal and policy frameworks and ethical considerations, within the context of cybersecurity. Cyber risk and cybersecurity breaches are having a major disruptive impact in our connected world. They are also multifaceted issues, drawing on technical subjects, elements of human behaviour, and legal and ethical frameworks. The Cyber Studies Minor offers a pathway for students from a range of Ryerson Faculties and disciplines to reflect on cybersecurity, cyber crime and cyber risk through the lens of their own core disciplines. 

Administered by: The Faculty of Science

To receive this Minor, students must complete six (6) courses from the following curriculum:

Required courses:

SCI 222 Evidence-Based Security

Plus one (1) of the following courses: 

SCI 444  Cybersecurity and Society 
ITM 825 Enterprise Information Security 

Plus one (1) of the following courses: 

CPS 171 Introduction to Cyber-Secure Coding
CPS 109 Computer Science I

Plus one (1) of the following courses: 

CPS 571 Introduction to Cybersecurity
ITM 820 Information Systems Security and Privacy

Plus one (1) of the following courses: 

CPS 371
Introduction to Security Protocols
CPS 706 Computer Networks I

Plus one (1) of the following courses:

CPS 471* Software Security Fundamentals 
CRM 350 Cyber Criminology
LAW 568 Cyber-Crime and Law

*CPS471 Software Security Fundamentals and CPS633 Computer Security are antirequisites.

† If students choose CRM350 or LAW568 as electives, they will need to fulfil the prerequisites for these courses. In such cases the student will require more than 6 courses to complete the minor.