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Minor in News Studies

The Minor in News Studies is designed to give students an understanding of journalism theory and practice. It comprises courses that introduce students to the basic skills of journalism; that delineate the history, practice, theory and ethical standards of the profession that allow them to combine both theory and practice in exploring specific areas of content and media.

Administered by: School of Journalism

Exclusions: This minor is not available to students in the following programs:

To receive this Minor, students must complete six (6) courses from the following curriculum:

One (1) Required course:

NNS 101 Introduction to News Studies

Plus a minimum of three (3) of the following:

FCD 204 Data Visualization
FCD 842 Building a Media Brand
NNS 102 Understanding Multimedia Journalism
NNS 103 Basics of Photojournalism
NNS 204 Discovering Data Story Telling
NNS 344 Making a Difference: How Journalism Matters (or JRN 344)
NNS 400 Critical Issues in Journalism (or JRN 400)
NNS 401 History of Journalism (or JRN 401)
NNS 402 Theory in Journalism and Mass Communication (or JRN 402)
NNS 404 Journalism's Best (or JRN 404)
NNS 406 Age of Spin: Journalism and PR (or JRN 406)
NNS 410 Queer Media
NNS 412 Documentary Survey (or JRN 412)
NNS 419 Journalism in Comedy

Maximum two (2) of the following:

NNS 350 Reporting on Indigenous Issues
NNS 500 Journalism and the Arts (or JRN 500)
NNS 502 Follow the Money: Business Journalism (or JRN 502)
NNS 504 Fashion Journalism (or JRN 504 or FSN 304)
NNS 505 Health and Science Journalism (or JRN 505)
NNS 506 International Journalism (or JRN 506)
NNS 507 Justice and the Courts (or JRN 507)
NNS 508 Literary Journalism (or JRN 508)
NNS 509 Journalism and the Political Arena (or JRN 509)
NNS 510 Reporting Religion (or JRN 510)
NNS 512 Reporting Sports (or JRN 512 or RTA 233)
NNS 525 The Business of Journalism (or JRN 525)

Please see PDF fileSenate Policy 2, Section 7.4 for further information about Minors.