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Minor in Philosophy

The Philosophy Minor develops essential skills in critical thinking and analysis in general. A Minor in Philosophy enhances career possibilities in a number of different areas including the teaching profession, law, and virtually any field where ethics plays a critical role, such as nursing, journalism, business, and community services.

Administered by: Department of Philosophy and Music

To receive this Minor, students must complete six (6) courses from the following curriculum:

One (1) of the following:


SSH 105* Critical Thinking I
PHL 214* Critical Thinking I


Plus five (5) electives from the following elective lists:

Maximum of two (2) of the following:


PHL 101 Plato and the Roots of Western Philosophy
PHL 110 Philosophy of Religion I
PHL 187 Ancient Greek Philosophy
PHL 201 Problems in Philosophy
PHL 210 Introduction to Indian Philosophy
PHL 306 Freedom, Equality, Limits of Authority
PHL 307 Business Ethics
PHL 333 Philosophy of Human Nature
PHL 334 Ethics in Professional Life
PHL 365 Philosophy of Beauty
PHL 366 Existentialism and Art and Culture
PHL 400 Human Rights and Justice
PHL 401 Philosophy and Mass Culture
PHL 406 Issues of Life, Death and Poverty
PHL 420 Philosophy, Diversity and Recognition
PHL 444 Ethics in Health Services Management
PHL 449 Philosophy of Punishment

Maximum of five (5)
of the following:


PHL 302* Ethics and Health Care
PHL 500 Philosophy of the Natural Environment
PHL 501 Oppression and the Critique of Power
PHL 503 Ancient and Modern Ethics
PHL 504 Philosophy of Art
PHL 505 Hegel and Marx
PHL 509* Bioethics
PHL 520 Social and Political Philosophy
PHL 521 Personal Identity East and West
PHL 522 Philosophy and Death
PHL 530 Media Ethics
PHL 544 Feminist Philosophy
PHL 550 Knowledge, Truth and Belief
PHL 551 Metaphysics
PHL 552 Philosophy of Science
PHL 597 Introduction to Formal Logic
PHL 602 Health Policy: Ethics and Justice
PHL 603 Fundamentals of Ethics
PHL 605 Existentialism
PHL 606 Philosophy of Love and Sex
PHL 611 Philosophy of Mind
PHL 612 Philosophy of Law
PHL 614 Philosophy of Human Rights
PHL 621 Non-Western Philosophy
PHL 639 Medieval Philosophy
PHL 661 Marx, Nietzche and Freud
PHL 708 Introduction to Modern Philosophy
PHL 709 Religion, Science and Philosophy
PHL 710 Philosophy and Film
PHL 808 Language and Philosophy
PHL 810 Philosophy of Cinema
PHL 921 Intellectual Property and Technology
PHL 922 Religious Belief, Diversity, and Truth
PHL 923 Philosophy of Religion II
PHL 924 Critical Thinking II

* PHL 214 and SSH 105 are antirequisites. PHL 302 and PHL 509 are antirequisites.

Please see PDF fileSenate Policy 2, Section 7.4 for further information about Minors.