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Minor in Politics

The Minor in Politics provides students with understanding of the political world. The Minor in Politics is comprised of several courses drawn from each of the sub-fields represented in the Politics and Governance program: Canadian, Comparative, Global, Policy and Theory. Students may select a configuration of courses that provides depth in one sub-field or a cross-section of several. Most courses have prerequisites that are also part of the Minor. Consult the course descriptions to determine the sub-field and prerequisite(s) of each course.

Administered by: Department of Politics and Public Administration

To receive this Minor, students must complete six (6) courses from the following curriculum:

A maximum of two (2) courses marked with an asterisk (*) may be selected to satisfy the requirements of this minor.

A minimum of two (2) to a maximum of four (4) of the following:

POG 100 People, Power and Politics
POG 110 Power and Influence in Canadian Politics
POL 102 Political Processes in Canada
PPA 120 Canadian Politics and Government
POG 210 Power and Authority in Canada
PPA 120 Canadian Politics and Government
POL 101 Canadian Political Institutions
POG 214 Controversial Policy Topics
PPA 211 Public Policy
POG 225 Global Governance
POG 235 Western Political Thought
POG 240 Intro to Comparative Politics
POG 320 Social Identity and Citizenship
POL 106* The Politics of Human Needs
POL 128* Politics and Film
POL 129* Immigration and Settlement in Canada
POL 203* Politics of the Environment
POL 208* Globalization and World Politics

A minimum of two (2) to a maximum of four (4) from the following:

INP 900 Understanding the Nonprofit Sector
  Canadian and Policy
POG 310 Canadian and Policy
PPA 121 Ontario Politics and Government
POG 313 The Politics of Race and Ethnicity
POG 315 Equity and Human Rights in Canada
PPA 125 Rightsm Equity and the State
POG 316 Social Policy
POG 317 Education Politics and Policy
POG 323 The Politics of International Development
POG 324 Global Political Economy
POG 410 Canadian Urban Politics
PPA 122 Local Politics and Government
POL 123 Urban Government in Canada
POG 411 Canadian Foreign Policy
POG 412 Government and the Economy
POG 415 Environmental Politics and Policy
POG 416 The Politics of Canadian Federalism
PPA 425 Intergovernmental Relations
POG 417 Canadian-American Relations
  Global Politics
POG 327 Non-State Actors and Global Security  
POG 328 Peace and Security in Asia
POG 423 Nationalism and Identity
POG 424 Human Rights and Global Politics
POG 425 Regional Economic and Political Integration
POG 426 Global Conflict and Peace
POG 427 Women, War, and Peace
  Political Theory
POG 331 Politics and Cinema 
POG 335 Political Communication
POG 430 Contemporary Political Thought
POG 431 Power, Domination and Resistance
POG 432 Varieties of Democracy
  Comparative Politics
POG 341 US Politics
POG 342 Politics in Africa
POG 343 Politics in Latin America
POG 440 Indigenous Governance/Justice
CRM 400 Indigenous Governance/Justice
PPA 124 Indigenous Politics and Governance
POG 442 Women and Comparative Politics
POG 443 Global Cities
POG 444 Politics, Media and Technology
POG 446 Voters, Elections and Parties
POG 447 Courts and Constitutions  
POG 494 Women in the House
POL 377 Urban Sustainability Policy
POL 501* Women, Power and Politics
POL 507* Power, Change and Technology
POL 510* The Politics of Sexual Diversity
POL 511* Well-being and Opportunity in Canada
POL 540* Issues in Third World Politics
POL 588* Neoliberalism and its Alternatives
POL 601* Social Movements and Politics
POL 607* Politics of Technology and Globalization
POL 609* Global Justice
POL 613* International Law for Human Protection
POL 620* Sports and Politics
POL 688* Colonialism and Imperialism
POL 720* Canada in the Continent

Please see PDF fileSenate Policy 2, Section 7.4 for further information about Minors.