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Minor in Public Administration

The Minor in Public Administration is comprised of three types of courses. There are courses focused on government as a political actor which provide the students with insights into the nature of modern politics. There are policy courses which emphasize the various terrains on which government and organized interests interact. Finally, there are courses in administration. The Minor in Public Administration provides the student with a comprehensive overview of Canadian public administration and policy.

Administered by: Department of Politics and Public Administration

To receive this Minor, students must complete six (6) courses from the following curriculum:

Required courses (2):

PPA 101 Cdn Public Administration I: Institutions
PPA 102 Cdn Public Administration II: Processes

Plus two (2) of the following:

POL 101 Canadian Political Institutions
POL 102 Political Processes in Canada
PPA 120 Canadian Politics and Government
PPA 121 Ontario Politics and Government
POG 310 Provincial Politics
PPA 122 Local Politics and Government
POL 123 Urban Government in Canada
POG 410 Canadian Urban Politics
PPA 124 Indigenous Politics and Governance
POG 440 Indigenous Governance/Justice
PPA 125 Rights, Equity and the State
POG 315 Equity and Human Rights in Canada
PPA 319 Politics of Work and Labour
PPA 425 Intergovernmental Relations
POG 416 The Politics of Canadian Federalism

Plus two (2) of the following:

PPA 211 Public Policy
POG 214 Controversial Policy Topics
PPA 301 Administrative Law
PPA 303 Financial Management
INP 915 Financial Management
PPA 335 Theories of Bureaucracy
PPA 401 Collaborative Governance
PPA 402 Program Planning and Evaluation
PPA 403 e-Government
PPA 411 Advanced Public Policy
PPA 501 Public Sector Leadership

Please see PDF fileSenate Policy 2, Section 7.4 for further information about Minors.