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Minor in Visual Studies

The Visual Studies Minor is a lecture-based overview of the history and theories of this interdisciplinary field. Courses introduce students to the field by providing a solid foundation in visual culture, art history and contemporary theory. A broad range of current visual culture examples enhance learning and make the study relevant to everyday experiences. Students will explore the social, economic and cultural dimensions of the image-based world that surrounds us. The Required courses focus on visual communication, technological innovations and the productive economy within which image culture is made.

Administered by: School of Image Arts

Exclusions: This minor is not available to students in the following programs:

To receive this Minor, students must complete six (6) courses from the following curriculum:

Required courses (2):

MPC 210 Visual Culture: Digital Art
NPF 504 Technology, Culture and Communication I

Plus four (4) of the following:

NPF 188 From Page to Screen
NPF 507 Critical Theory and the Image
NPF 552 The Image Industry
NPF 553 Advanced Topics in Modern Art and Cinema  
NPF 562 Media and Communication
NPF 569 Disaster Images: Memory and Response
NPF 570 Advertising and Consumer Culture
NPF 604 Screen Practices
NPF 606 Contemporary Art Theory
NPF 607 Questions of Beauty
SEM 102 Introduction to Visual Semiotics

Please see PDF fileSenate Policy 2, opens in new window, Section 7.4 for further information about Minors.