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Open Elective Table Restrictions

Students may not choose courses that are excluded for their program or major.

Some subjects have a limitation (i.e. a maximum number that may be chosen).

Exclusions may change from year to year depending on curricular changes.  

Program Exclusions
Graphic Communications Management CMN 279, GCM 110, GCM 111, GCM 130, GCM 210, GCM 230, GMS 200 and MKT 100 are not available as Open Electives. 
Professional Communication  BDC 917, CRI 610, CRI 720, ENG 200, ENG 520, ENG 590, ENG 705 and RTA 917 are not available for credit.  
Program Exclusions
Nutrition and Food FNY 404 is not available to students in the Nutrition and Food program.
Program Exclusions
Computer Science  CPS courses numbered between CPS 100 and CPS 499 and CPS 513 are not permitted as Open Elective choices.