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Optional Specialization in Zone Learning

Zone Learning is student-driven and motivated, and gives students the opportunity to take their ideas beyond the classroom by working on real-world projects, causes, companies, or startups.

It is multi-disciplinary and collaborative, facilitating the cross-pollination of ideas from students across a variety of academic backgrounds. Students are provided with active mentorship, coaching and support from Ryerson faculty and sector professionals, and evaluation to enable success. Zone participants gain real world experience, make strategic decisions and have access to broader community networks of entrepreneurs, investors and funders, potential customers/clients and leaders to advance the company – be it a private or social enterprise, technology, product or service they develop.

The zones include:

  • DMZ
  • Clean Energy Zone
  • Fashion Zone
  • Design Fabrication Zone
  • Transmedia Zone
  • SocialVentures Zone
  • Launch Zone
  • Legal Innovation Zone
  • Biomedical Zone
  • iBoost Zone
  • Science Discovery Zone
  • Tangerine Thinkubator Zone


The Optional Specialization in Zone Learning curriculum consists of a single “umbrella course”:

EDZ 100 Entrepreneurial ZONE Participant

Within the structure of the course there is scope for preparation, development and application activities for student teams working on innovative ideas with an entrepreneurial approach. The umbrella course (CEDZ 100) also allows participation of all Faculties and cross-fertilization and partnerships amongst them.

Successful completion of the appropriate number of semesters in the umbrella course and all requirements of the zone in which the student is working leads to the awarding of the Optional Specialization in Zone Learning.

This Optional Specialization is external to the degree program.

To learn more, visit the Zone Learning website, opens in new window