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Academic Integrity and the Code of Non-Academic Conduct

Intellectual freedom and honesty are essential to the sharing and development of knowledge. In order to demonstrate Ryerson’s adherence to these fundamental values, all members of the community must exhibit integrity in their teaching, learning, research, evaluation, and personal behaviour.

Academic Integrity Policy

The PDF fileAcademic Integrity Policy (Policy 60), opens in new window is premised on the commitment of Ryerson to foster and uphold the highest standards of academic integrity, the fundamental values of which are honesty, trust, fairness, respect, responsibility, courage, as well as trustworthiness (International Centre for Academic Integrity 2013).

This policy applies to all current and former Ryerson students (undergraduate, graduate, and continuing education) and applies to all academic activities, whether on or off campus, whether within or outside of a course.

The purpose of the policy is to guide the Ryerson community in understanding:

  1. what academic integrity and misconduct are for students;
  2. the processes the University will follow when there is a suspicion of student academic misconduct; and
  3. the academic penalties and other consequences that may be imposed if students are found to have engaged in academic misconduct.

Ryerson University's Academic Integrity Website can be found at, opens in new window



Code of Non-Academic Conduct

The PDF fileRyerson Student Code of Non-Academic Conduct (Policy 61) reflects an expectation that students conduct themselves in a manner consistent with the educational objectives of the University, in accordance with generally accepted standards of behaviour, and in accordance with published University regulations and policies.

Instructors and staff members have a responsibility to take action if they suspect either Code of Conduct has been violated. The procedures described in the Codes have been designed to provide a fair process in such matters. It is imperative that all members of the community abide by the Codes in order to maintain an environment that is consistent with the values and behaviour we espouse.
For information on student non-academic matters, please visit the Student Conduct Office's website at, opens in new window.

Student Conduct Office

The Student Conduct Office administers the PDF fileStudent Code of Non-Academic conduct, and provides helpful advice and resolution of conduct complaints and issues.

Website:, opens in new window