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Arts and Contemporary Studies Professionally-Related Table II

Students will complete a minimum of seven (7) Table II courses.

ACC 100 Introductory Financial Accounting
BLG 143 Biology I
BLG 144 Biology II
BLG 311 Cell Biology
BLG 400 Genetics
BSM 100 The New Business: From Idea to Reality
BSM 200 The Growing Business: Breaking Even
CHY 103 General Chemistry I
CHY 113 General Chemistry II
CLD 215 Creative Arts I
CMN 279 Introduction to Professional Communication
CMN 288 Communication and Social Media
CMN 306 Risk and Crisis Communication
CMN 314 Professional Presentations
CMN 317 Information, Technology, and Control
CMN 443 Contemporary Intercultural Communication
CPS 513 Introduction to Multimedia Computation
CRB 603 Special Topics in Caribbean Studies
CRB 614 Caribbean Critical Thought
CRI 420 Book Publishing and Marketing
CRM 100 Introduction to Canadian Criminal Justice
CRM 102 Introduction to Criminology
CRM 200 Criminal Law
CRM 202 Victims and the Criminal Process
CRM 300 Policing in Canada
CRM 304 Youth Justice in Canada
CRM 306 Corrections in Canada
CRM 308 Criminal Courts in Canada
CRM 314 Criminal Justice and the Charter
CRM 400 Indigenous Governance/Justice
CRM 402 Criminal Justice and Social Inequality
CRM 404 Debates in Justice Policy
ECN 104 Introductory Microeconomics
ECN 204 Introductory Macroeconomics
ECN 301 Intermediate Macroeconomics I
ECN 504 Intermediate Microeconomics I
EID 100 Digital Skills: Int'l Innovation
ENG 200 Writing as a Cultural Act
ENG 208 Introduction to Non-Fiction
ENG 421 16C Literature and Culture
ENG 422 17C Literature and Culture
ENG 520 The Language of Persuasion
ENG 530 Literary Non-Fiction
ENG 531 18C Literature and Culture
ENG 540 The Novel
ENG 550 Drama
ENG 560 Poetry and Poetics
ENG 621 Women's Texts, Global Contexts
ENG 632 19C Literature and Culture
ENG 730 The Social Life of Books
ENH 121 Health Law
ENT 500 New Venture Startup
ENT 526 Entrepreneurial Behaviour and Strategy
FIN 300 Managerial Finance I
FIN 401 Managerial Finance II
FIN 501 Investment Analysis
FIN 502 Personal Financial Planning
FIN 510 Small Business Finance
FIN 512 Risk Management and Insurance
FIN 521 Advanced Investment Management
FIN 601 Derivatives
FIN 610 Short-Term Financial Management
FIN 611 Fixed Income Securities
FIN 612 Retirement and Estate Planning
FIN 621 International Finance
FPN 633 Topics in Contemporary Art
FRE 302 French Food, Wine and Hospitality
FRE 701 French for Today
FRE 801 French and New Media
GCM 110 Introduction to Graphic Communications
GCM 111 Graphic Communication Technologies
GCM 130 Design and Layout
GCM 210 Introduction to Packaging
GCM 230 Typography
GCM 710 The Art of the Book
GCM 720 Magazine Production and Publishing
GCM 738 Photoshopped! The Art of Image Retouching
GCM 750 3D Printing
GCM 754 Sign and Display Graphics
GEO 131 Energy, Earth and Ecosystems
GEO 151 Location, Location, Location
GEO 231 Principles of Demography
GEO 301 Marketing Geography
GEO 302 Retail Location
GEO 351 Internal Structure of the City
GEO 527 Inequalities in Urban Neighbourhoods
GEO 530 Urban Economic Geography
GEO 551 Urbanization and Regional Development
GEO 553 Studies in Rural Geography
GEO 581 GIS, Geographic Data and Mapping
GEO 627 Accessibility of Urban Social Services
GEO 681 GIS and Geographic Analysis
GEO 691 Canadian Immigration: Patterns and Place
GEO 714 GIS for the Municipal Professional I
GEO 719 GIS in Business: Strategic Mgmt Decisions
GEO 724 GIS for the Municipal Professional II
GMS 522 International Marketing
HIS 104 Ten Days That Shook The World
HIS 105 Inventing Popular Culture
HIS 106 Technology, Warfare and Social Change
HIS 107 Colonization, Colonialism and Independence
HIS 238 Canada to 1885: Creating a Nation
HIS 248 American History to 1877
HIS 265 Asia: Foundations and Modern Nations
HIS 275 Ancient Greece and Rome
HIS 277 Mediaeval Europe, 400-1350
HIS 279 Europe, 1715-1870
HIS 338 Canada since 1885: Defining a Nation
HIS 348 American History from 1877
HIS 377 Europe, 1350-1715
HIS 379 Europe, 1870-Present
HIS 401 Hearing, Seeing and Speaking History
HIS 461 Cradle of Civilization: Ancient Near East
HIS 490 International Relations from 1945
HIS 500 History and New Media
HIS 501 Archaeology and Material Culture
HIS 505 Locating The Past: Archival Research
HIS 510 Museology and Public History
HIS 541 Canada and the First World War
HIS 556 Colonial Africa
HIS 559 Ancient Egypt
HIS 590 Modern International Relations
HIS 594 War to War: World Conflict, 1900-45
HIS 610 Curating the Past
HIS 615 Film, Television and 20th C History
HIS 620 Imperial Russia
HIS 630 The Soviet Union
HIS 656 Post-Colonial Africa
HIS 662 The Mughal Empire, 1526-1764
HIS 677 Society in the High Middle Ages, 1000-1500
HIS 678 The Renaissance in Europe
HIS 683 Victorian Britain
HIS 696 The History of Terrorism
HIS 710 Museum and Heritage Management
HIS 742 Canadian Cultural Industries
HIS 755 Themes in Material Culture
HIS 762 The Making of Modern South Asia, 1757-1947
HIS 783 20th-Century Britain
HIS 790 Modern Germany
HIS 826 Science and World Exploration
HIS 828 Science, Corporations and the Environment
HIS 845 Canada in the International Sphere
HIS 854 African-American History
HIS 886 The British Empire and the World
HIS 898 A History of International Organizations
INP 900 Understanding the Nonprofit Sector
INP 901 Developing Effective Organizations
INP 902 Evaluation for Nonprofits
INP 910 Strategic Planning
INP 911 Advocacy and Governmental Relations
INP 912 Marketing for Nonprofit Organizations
INP 913 Leadership in Nonprofits
INP 914 Diversity in Nonprofits
INP 915 Financial Management for Nonprofits
INP 920 Critical Issues in the Third Sector
INT 900 Program Planning and Evaluation Strategies
INT 901 Gerontology: Critical Issues and Future Trends
INT 902 Disability Issues
INT 904 Health Promotion and Community Development
INT 905 Conflict Resolution in Community Services
INT 906 Sexuality: Power and Pleasure
INT 907 Team Work for Community Services
INT 908 Homelessness in Canadian Society
INT 910 Aboriginal Peoples, Pol. and Reconciliation
INT 911 International Community Development
INT 914 Settlement Experiences
INT 916 Introduction to Fundraising
INT 917 Community Development
ITM 100 Foundations of Information Systems
ITM 200 Fundamentals of Programming
ITM 305 Systems Analysis and Design
ITM 350 Concepts of e-Business
ITM 410 Business Process Design
ITM 500 Data and Information Management
ITM 750 IS Project Management
JRN 400 Critical Issues in Journalism
JRN 402 Theory in Journalism and Mass Communications
JRN 405 Special Topics in Journalism Theory
LAW 122 Business Law
LAW 321 The Law of Hospitality and Tourism
LAW 525 The Law of the Marketplace
LAW 529 Employment and Labour Law
LAW 603 Advanced Business Law
LAW 723 Issues in Information Technology Law
LAW 724 Legal Aspects of International Business
MHR 405 Organizational Behaviour
MHR 505 Organizational Behaviour II
MHR 522 Union Management Relations
MHR 523 Human Resources Management
MHR 600 Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace
MHR 623 Recruitment and Selection
MHR 640 Leadership
MHR 700 Cross-Cultural Dimensions of Organizational Behaviour
MHR 721 Negotiation and Conflict Resolution
MHR 733 Training and Development
MHR 741 Managing Interpersonal Dynamics and Teams
MHR 749 Compensation Management
MHR 841 Organization Theory and Design
MHR 849 Human Resources Planning
MHR 850 Coaching, Facilitation and Internal Consulting
MKT 100 Principles of Marketing
MKT 300 Marketing Metrics and Analysis
MKT 400 Understanding Consumers and the New Media
MKT 500 Marketing Research
MKT 504 Effective Persuasion
MKT 510 Innovations in Marketing
MKT 600 Integrated Case Analysis
MKT 700 Business Intelligence/Decision Modeling
MKT 723 Services Marketing
MKT 731 Competitive Intelligence
MPC 103 Art and the Classical Tradition
MPC 203 Art in the Modern World
MPC 210 Visual Culture: Digital Art
MPF 290 Introduction to Film Studies
MPF 301 Business of Film
MPF 302 Business of Film II
MPF 327 Film History and Criticism to 1945
MPF 427 Film History and Criticism since 1945
MUS 303 Global Guitar
NPF 504 Technology, Culture and Communication
NPF 505 Independent Cinema
NPF 507 Critical Theory and the Image
NPF 548 Modern Movements/Issues in Photography
NPF 553 Advanced Topics in Modern Art and Cinema
NPF 554 Advanced Topics in Contemporary Art
NPF 557 Topics in Film
NPF 559 Advanced Topics in Curatorial Practices
NPF 562 Media and Communication
NPF 563 Directors and Composers
NPF 564 Contemporary World Cinema
NPF 565 Contemporary Canadian Cinema
NPF 567 Exhibition Practices in Contemporary Art
NPF 569 Disaster Images: Memory and Response
NPF 570 Advertising and Consumer Culture
NPF 571 Introduction to Museum and Gallery Studies
NPF 572 Curatorial Practices in Toronto
NPF 604 Screen Practices
OHS 208 Occupational Health and Safety Law
OHS 477 Integrated Disability Management
PCS 102 Physics Answers to Everyday Questions
PHL 334 Ethics in Professional Life
PLE 535 Housing
POG 100 People, Power and Politics
POG 110 Power and Influence in Canadian Politics
POG 210 Power and Authority in Canada
POG 214 Controversial Policy Topics
POG 225 Global Governance
POG 235 Western Political Thought
POG 240 Intro to Comparative Politics
POG 310 Provincial Politics
POG 313 The Politics of Race and Ethnicity
POG 316 Social Policy
POG 317 Education Politics and Policy
POG 320 Social Identity and Citizenship
POG 323 The Politics of International Development
POG 440 Indigenous Governance/Justice
POG 443 Global Cities
PPA 101 Cdn Public Administration I: Institutions
PPA 102 Cdn Public Administration II: Processes
PPA 121 Ontario Politics and Government
PPA 124 Indigenous Politics and Governance
PPA 125 Rights, Equity and the State
PPA 211 Public Policy
PPA 301 Administrative Law
PSY 102 Introduction to Psychology I
PSY 124 Social Psychology
PSY 202 Introduction to Psychology II
PSY 300 Psychology and Law
PSY 302 Child Development
PSY 325 Psychological Disorders
PSY 518 Environmental Psychology
PSY 605 Psychology of Health and Health Care
PSY 802 Death, Dying and Bereavement
PSY 808 Community Psychology
RMG 200 Intro to Retail and Services Management
SCI 102 Chaos and Fractals
SOC 104 Understanding Society
SOC 107 Sociology of the Everyday
SOC 300 Sociology of Equity and Diversity
SOC 302 The City and Society
SOC 319 Sociological Perspectives on Crime
SOC 470 Toronto: The Changing City
SOC 472 At Work in a Changing World
SOC 500 Youth and Society
SOC 525 Media and Images of Inequality
SPN 515 Introduction to Business Spanish
SPN 702 Communication in Business Spanish
SSH 400 Special Topics in Social Ventures
SSH 502 Community Action Research