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Criminology and History Professional Table II

For students admitted Fall 2019: A total of eight (8) courses is required from Professional Table II.

For students admitted Fall 2020 and after: A total of nine (9) courses are required from Professional Table II.

For students admitted Fall 2019: Criminology: A total of three (3) CRM courses must be taken.

For students admitted Fall 2020 and after: A total of four (4) CRM courses must be taken.

History: A total of five (5) HIS courses must be taken.

• HST courses (numbered between HST 500-899) may be substituted.
• In the total degree, a maximum of four (4) liberal studies HST courses may be substituted for HIS courses.


CRM 200* Criminal Law
CRM 201 Making Public Order in Canada
CRM 202** Victims and the Criminal Process
CRM 205** Gender, Sexuality and the Law
CRM 206** Race, Ethnicity and Justice
CRM 250 Criminalizing Blackness
CRM 300 Policing in Canada
CRM 302 Criminological Theories
CRM 303 Immigration and Refugee Protection in CJS
CRM 304 Youth Justice in Canada
CRM 306 Corrections in Canada
CRM 308 Criminal Courts in Canada
CRM 310 Advanced Qualitative Research Methods
CRM 311 Regulating Public Space
CRM 312 Representing Crime
CRM 314 Criminal Justice and the Charter
CRM 315 Advanced Quantitative Research Methods
CRM 316 International Perspectives
CRM 317 Special Topics in Criminology/Law
CRM 318 Violence and Communities
CRM 324 Security Threats
CRM 335 History and Politics of Abolition
CRM 350 Cyber Criminology
CRM 402** Criminal Justice and Social Inequality
CRM 404 Debates In Justice Policy (students admitted Fall 2014 and after only)
PHL 400 †† Human Rights and Justice
PHL 449 †† Philosophy of Punishment
PSY 300†† Psychology and Law

* CRM 200 is not available as a Professional Table II course for students admitted Fall 2019 and before.
** If not selected in 3rd & 4th semester.
† If not selected in 5th & 6th semester.
†† Only available as a Professional Table II course for students admitted Fall 2018 and prior.



HIS 500 History and New Media
HIS 501 Archaeology and Material Culture
HIS 502 Life Stories: Oral History
HIS 510 Museology and Public History
HIS 541 Canada and the First World War
HIS 556 Colonial Africa
HIS 559 Ancient Egypt
HIS 561 The Ottoman Empire
HIS 590 Modern International Relations
HIS 594 War to War: World Conflict, 1900-45
HIS 610 Curating the Past
HIS 615 Film, Television and 20th C History
HIS 620 Imperial Russia
HIS 630 The Soviet Union
HIS 656 Post-Colonial Africa
HIS 661 The Middle East from 1908
HIS 662 The Mughal Empire, 1526-1764
HIS 677 Society in the High Middle Ages, 1000-1500
HIS 678 The Renaissance in Europe
HIS 683 Victorian Britain
HIS 696 The History of Terrorism
HIS 710 Museum and Heritage Management
HIS 742 Canadian Cultural Industries
HIS 755 Themes in Material Culture
HIS 760 African Diaspora 
HIS 762 The Making of Modern South Asia, 1757-1947
HIS 783 20th-Century Britain
HIS 790 Modern Germany
HIS 826 Science and World Exploration
HIS 828 Science, Corporations and the Environment
HIS 830 The Indian Act: 1876-Present 
HIS 845 Canada in the International Sphere
HIS 854 African-American History
HIS 886 The British Empire and the World
HIS 898 A History of International Organizations
HIS 900 Experiential Learning I
HIS 901 Experiential Learning II