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English and History Professional Table II

NOTE: Every course will not be offered every semester.

English Courses

ENGLISH COURSES:  Minimum of five (5) courses. Students may opt for depth by selecting courses within thematic categories, or may opt for breadth by sampling broadly across those categories. Students considering Graduate studies are strongly advised to meet regularly with the Program Director to plan their course of study to ensure sufficient breadth and depth requirements. 

Media + Cultural Studies

ENG 590 Studies in Word and Image
ENG 611 Film and Literature
ENG 703 Popular Literatures
ENG 705 Studies in Visual Cultures
ENG 706 Shakespeare and Performance
ENG 921 Narrative in a Digital Age
ENG 941 Gender and Sex in Literature and Culture

Urban + Global Literatures

ENG 223 Literatures of Exile and Migration
ENG 409 Urban Literatures
ENG 413 Literature and Colonization
ENG 416 American Literatures
ENG 417 Special Topics in American Literatures
ENG 620 Literatures of the Caribbean
ENG 621 Women's Texts, Global Contexts
ENG 623 Film/Literature: Middle East, North Africa
ENG 640 Literatures of Asia and its Diasporas
ENG 650 Indigenous World View
ENG 701 Canadian Literatures
ENG 710 Special Topics in Canadian Literatures
ENG 942 Decolonizing Literature

Literary Histories + Movements

ENG 421 16C Literature and Culture
ENG 422 17C Literature and Culture
ENG 531 18C Literature and Culture
ENG 624 20C Literature and Culture
ENG 632 19C Literature and Culture
ENG 634 Romantic Explorations
ENG 635 Modernism

Rhetoric, Writing + Culture

ENG 200 Writing as a Cultural Act
ENG 520 The Language of Persuasion
ENG 529 Controversies in Public Discourse
ENG 730 The Social Life of Books

Genre Studies

ENG 222 Fairy Tales and Fantasies
ENG 224 Children's Literature
ENG 230 Creativity, Writing and Everyday Life
ENG 402 Comics
ENG 517 Techniques and Topics in Creative Writing
ENG 540 The Novel
ENG 550 Drama
ENG 548 Parenting, Media and Culture
ENG 560 Poetry and Poetics
ENG 570 Auto/Biography
ENG 580 The Gothic
ENG 530 Literary Non-Fiction
ENG 707 Shakespeare and His World

Independent Study

ENG 904 Independent Research Paper
ENG 907 Independent Research Project

History Courses

HISTORY COURSES: Minimum of five (5) courses:

HST courses (numbered between HST 500-899) may be substituted. In total, a maximum of four (4) liberal studies HST courses may be substituted for HIS courses.

HIS 500 History and New Media
HIS 501 Archaeology and Material Culture
HIS 502 Life Stories: Oral History
HIS 510 Museology and Public History
HIS 541 Canada and the First World War
HIS 556 Colonial Africa
HIS 559 Ancient Egypt
HIS 561 The Ottoman Empire
HIS 590 Modern International Relations
HIS 594 War to War: World Conflict, 1900-45
HIS 610 Curating the Past
HIS 615 Film, Television and 20th C History
HIS 620 Imperial Russia
HIS 630 The Soviet Union
HIS 656 Post-Colonial Africa
HIS 661 The Middle East from 1908
HIS 662 The Mughal Empire, 1526-1764
HIS 677 Society in the High Middle Ages, 1000-1500
HIS 678 The Renaissance in Europe
HIS 683 Victorian Britain
HIS 696 The History of Terrorism
HIS 710 Museum and Heritage Management
HIS 742 Canadian Cultural Industries
HIS 755 Themes in Material Culture
HIS 760 African Diaspora
HIS 762 The Making of Modern South Asia, 1757-1947
HIS 783 20th-Century Britain
HIS 790 Modern Germany
HIS 826 Science and World Exploration
HIS 828 Science, Corporations and the Environment
HIS 830 The Indian Act: 1876-Present
HIS 845 Canada in the International Sphere
HIS 854 African-American History
HIS 886 The British Empire and the World
HIS 898 A History of International Organizations
HIS 900 Experiential Learning I
HIS 901 Experiential Learning II