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Geographic Analysis Professional Table II

A total of eight (8) courses is required.

GEO 372 Global Shift in the 21st Century
GEO 431 Recreation Analysis
GEO 513 Physical Geography in Decision Support
GEO 514 Resource Management in Northern Canada
GEO 521 Geodemographics
GEO 527 Inequalities in Urban Neighbourhoods
GEO 530 Urban Economic Geography
GEO 541 GIS Programming
GEO 542 Introduction to Remote Sensing
GEO 551 Urbanization and Regional Development
GEO 553 Studies in Rural Geography
GEO 555 Colonial Infrastructures in North America 
GEO 561 Multivariate Analytical Techniques
GEO 570 Neolithic Geographies 
GEO 575 Hydrology in a Changing World 
GEO 612 Environmental Decision Making
GEO 621 Location Analysis of Commercial Activity
GEO 627 Accessibility of Urban Social Services
GEO 631 Exploration in Travel and Tourism
GEO 641 GIS and Decision Support
GEO 642 Advanced Remote Sensing and GIS
GEO 643 Field Methods for Geospatial Data
GEO 644 Spatial Databases
GEO 645 Place and Population Health
GEO 652 Urban Transportation Systems
GEO 671 Developmental and Environmental Law
GEO 691 Canadian Immigration: Patterns and Place
GEO 772†* Individual Research Paper
GEO 773 Field Studies
GEO 871†* The Professional Geographer
GEO 873†* Geographic Entrepreneurship and Consulting

* Students are advised to take GEO 772, GEO 871 or GEO 873 in their 7th and/or 8th semester.

† If not previously selected in Required-Group 1.