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Philosophy Professional Table II

A total of thirteen (13) courses from Table II must be completed including a minimum of six (6) advanced courses, marked with an asterisk (*).

All students:

  1. Students must also complete the minimum number of courses from each category, as indicated below.
  2. Within Table II, cross-category courses marked with an asterisk (*), can “count” toward more than one category, (i.e. students can count PHL 502 as one of their five advanced courses and also as their History of Philosophy course) however, remember that a total of 13 Table II courses is required.

Minimum of one (1) History of Philosophy course:

PHL 101 Plato and the Roots of Western Philosophy
PHL 187 Ancient Greek Philosophy
PHL 210 Introduction to Indian Philosophy
PHL 333 Philosophy of Human Nature
PHL 366 Existentialism and Art and Culture
PHL 502* Aristotle
PHL 505* Hegel and Marx
PHL 506* The Rationalists
PHL 508* The Empiricists
PHL 511* Kant
PHL 516* Foundations of Analytic Philosophy
PHL 520 Social and Political Philosophy
PHL 605 Existentialism
PHL 607* Contemporary Continental Philosophy
PHL 622 Classical Arabic Philosophy
PHL 639 Medieval Philosophy
PHL 661 Marx, Nietzsche and Freud
PHL 707* Plato
PHL 752* German Idealism
PHL 757* Major Figures in Western Philosophy
PHL 758* Major Figures in Eastern Philosophy

Minimum of two (2) Metaphysics and Epistemology courses:

PHL 110 Philosophy of Religion I
PHL 201 Problems in Philosophy
PHL 512* Philosophy of the Emotions
PHL 513* Phenomenology
PHL 514* Mind and Agency
PHL 515* Topics in Metaphysics and Epistemology
PHL 521 Personal Identity East and West
PHL 522 Philosophy and Death
PHL 550 Knowledge, Truth and Belief
PHL 551 Metaphysics
PHL 552 Philosophy of Science
PHL 597* Introduction to Formal Logic
PHL 611 Philosophy of Mind
PHL 650* Beyond Classical Logic
PHL 709 Religion, Science and Philosophy
PHL 711* Language, Meaning and Truth
PHL 714* Philosophy of Biology
PHL 808* Language and Philosophy
PHL 922* Religious Belief, Diversity, and Truth
PHL 923* Philosophy of Religion II
PHL 924* Critical Thinking II

Minimum one (1) Value Theory course:

PHL 365 Philosophy of Beauty
PHL 400 Human Rights and Justice
PHL 401 Philosophy and Mass Culture
PHL 500 Philosophy of the Natural Environment
PHL 501 Oppression and the Critique of Power
PHL 504 Philosophy of Art
PHL 544 Feminist Philosophy
PHL 603* Fundamentals of Ethics
PHL 612 Philosophy of Law
PHL 614 Philosophy of Human Rights
PHL 648 Philosophy and Literature
PHL 718* Advanced Topics in Ethics
PHL 732* Topics in Political Philosophy
PHL 770* Law and Rights

Minimum one (1) Applied Philosophy course:

PHL 306 Freedom, Equality, Limits of Authority
PHL 307 Business Ethics
PHL 334 Ethics in Professional Life
PHL 406 Issues of Life, Death and Poverty
PHL 420 Philosophy, Diversity and Recognition
PHL 449 Philosophy of Punishment
PHL 509 Bioethics
PHL 525 Environmental Ethics
PHL 530 Media Ethics
PHL 802* Project in Applied Philosophy
PHL 803* Philosophy Engaging Communities

Other courses you may take to fulfill Table II requirements:

PHL 517* Special Topics
PHL 606 Philosophy of Love and Sex
PHL 621 Non-Western Philosophy
PHL 700* Meta-Philosophy
PHL 710 Philosophy and Film
PHL 810 Philosophy of Cinema
PHL 900* Senior Philosophy Seminar
PHL 910* Senior Philosophy Seminar
PHL 950 Directed Research Course

PHL 201 is available as a Table I course for students admitted Fall 2018 and prior.

Students considering Graduate studies are strongly advised to meet regularly with the Program Director to plan their course of study to ensure sufficient breadth and depth requirements.

Note: PHL 639 will count as a course with an asterisk for students admitted Fall 2018 and prior.