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Psychology Professional Table II

A total of ten (10) courses is required from Table II including the following:

1 course from the Advanced Seminar Group

9 other Table II courses  

Cognition and Neuroscience

PSY 214 Psychopharmacology
PSY 412 Human Brain Circuitry
PSY 434 Brain and Behaviour
PSY 514 Sensory and Perceptual Processes
PSY 544 Evolutionary Psychology
PSY 701 The Psychology of Music
PSY 712 Human Memory
PSY 713 Psychology of Perception
PSY 813 Psychology of Art and Creativity

Developmental and Social Psychology

PSY 300 Psychology and Law
PSY 304 Psychology of Gender
PSY 402 Adult Development
PSY 505 Personality Theory
PSY 518 Environmental Psychology
PSY 535 Gender Issues in Psychology
PSY 560 Sport, Exercise and Performance
PSY 614* Psychology of Sport
PSY 620 Psychology of Immigration
PSY 622 The Psychology of Criminal Behaviour
PSY 807 Psychology of Prejudice
PSY 808 Community Psychology
PSY 940 Prejudice and Discrimination
PSY 941 Cross Cultural Psychology

Clinical and Health Psychology

PSY 215 Psychology of Addictions
PSY 335 Clinical Psychology
PSY 550 Human Sexuality
PSY 560 Sport, Exercise and Performance
PSY 602 Developmental Psychopathology
PSY 605 Psychology of Health and Health Care
PSY 614* Psychology of Sport
PSY 621 Psychology of Human Sexuality
PSY 682 Sleep
PSY 706 Positive Psychology
PSY 707 Models of Stress and Adaptation
PSY 721 Psychological Testing
PSY 802 Death, Dying and Bereavement
PSY 805 Adjustment, Stress and Coping
PSY 806 Behaviour Modification

Advanced Seminar

Note for students admitted Fall 2019 and after: Only one Advanced Seminar course can be used to fulfill Table II requirements.

PSY 904 Advanced Cognition Seminar
PSY 905 Advanced Clinical Psychology Seminar
PSY 908 Advanced Developmental Seminar
PSY 914 Advanced Biopsychology Seminar
PSY 915 Advanced Health Psychology Seminar
PSY 918 Advanced Social Psychology Seminar

Advanced Methods and Independent Study

PSY 612 Independent Study
PSY 700 Research Practicum
PSY 751 Special Topics in Psychology
PSY 811 Advanced Statistical Methods
PSY 961 Thesis Project I
PSY 971 Thesis Project II

* This course appears in two different Table II groups.