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Social Work Professional Table I

INT 900 Program Planning and Evaluation Strategies
INT 901* Gerontology: Critical Issues and Future Trends
INT 902*†† Disability Issues
INT 904 Health Promotion and Community Development
INT 905 Conflict Resolution in Community Services
INT 906 Sexuality: Power and Pleasure
INT 907 Team Work for Community Services
INT 908 Homelessness in Canadian Society
INT 910 Aboriginal Peoples, Pol. and Reconciliation
INT 911 International Community Development
INT 913 Issues of Migration
INT 914 Settlement Experiences
INT 915 Responses to Migration
INT 916 Introduction to Fundraising
INT 917 Interprof. Ed for Community Development
INT 920 Community Collaborations
INT 921 Writing Bodies Differently
INT 922 Intro to Aboriginal Worldviews
INT 923 Canada's Story: An Aboriginal Perspective
SWP 900 Race and Ethnicity
SWP 901 Youth and Social Justice
SWP 902 Gerontology
SWP 903 Crisis Intervention
SWP 905 Criticl. Appr. to Mental Health and Madness
SWP 906 Gerontology: Social Policy and Soc Security
SWP 907 Inequality, Oppression and Health
SWP 908 Social Group Work
SWP 909 Social Work and the Law: Children and Family
SWP 910 Queer Theory and Identities
SWP 914 Ethics and Values for Social Work
SWP 915 Independent Study I
SWP 916 Independent Study II
SWP 917 Special Topics I
SWP 918 Special Topics II
SWP 919 Substance Use and Abuse
SWP 920 Addressing Substance Use and Abuse
SWP 921* Disability Issues Social Work Practice
SWP 923 Family Violence
SWP 924 Strategies for Addressing Conflict
SWP 925 Strong Helpers' Teachings
SWP 926 Critical Practice with Queer Populations
SWP 927 Advocacy in Social Work
SWP 928 International Social Work
SWP 929 Working in Marginalized Communities
SWP 930 Spirituality in the Helping Professions
SWP 931 Human Rights for Social Workers
SWP 932 Evaluating Social Work Practices
SWP 933 Indigenous Health and Well Being
SWP 934 Community Engagement Foundations
SWP 935 Engaging Diverse Communities
SWP 936 Community Engagement Practices
SWP 937 Community Engagement Capstone
SWP 938 Innovative Organizing in Precarious Times
SWP 939 Art and Social Transformation
SWP 950 Fat Studies and Fat Activism

* Please be aware of course exclusions on Interdisciplinary Studies and Disability Studies courses before enrolment.

† Please note that SWP 917 and SWP 918, Special Topics courses, may not be offered every year. Course subject changes when courses are offered.

†† If not previously selected